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The BOOST Conference goes above and beyond to cultivate an incredibly amazing, beneficial, and fun experience for all types of educators, in which they can take what they've learned and bring it back to their communities!

I had a wonderful time! The workshops were thought-provoking and provided a safe space for many BIPOC educators.

This was an exceptional experience. I would recommend this to everyone who works with children in any capacity.

BOOST is the Absolute Best!!!

BOOST offers the most engaging and interactive participant experience that I have ever had at a conference.

The BOOST Conference always has inspiring, motivating, has interesting presenters, exhibits, and workshops that team build, encourage and energize that educator spirit in you and that desire to want to make a difference and continue the passion in education.

Before BOOST I was feeling burnt, defeated, and needed to be rejuvenated. But after BOOST I went back to work and was able to tell everyone that my cup was filled and I felt inspired again.

The conference is a well-oiled machine. Well done again!

I greatly appreciated the breaks between sessions as a networking and decompression opportunity. Very well paced.

BOOST is our Disneyland!

I didn't really have an idea what I was going to experience at the BOOST Conference but left with new tools, practices, and mentality to better support my students.

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication it took to put on this conference.

This conference was the positive energy and networking amongst great people we all missed so much during the pandemic.

Can I just say what a comeback and wow was it worth the wait!

This was a top tier conference experience. Can't wait for next year!

I had a really great time. It was very rewarding experience and a great opportunity to step back and refresh before finishing off the school year. Definitely recommend for everyone to go to BOOST.

Thank you for this experience and the impact it makes in the field of education. BOOST is a must when working in the education field. Reignite your SPARK, network with a purpose, and collaborate with advocates, at BOOST.

Just so grateful for what you've put together!

Wonderful job everyone! It was incredible to see so many people from all over the world come together to support young people at this time.

BOOST was a career re-energizer. It was nice to be around people who believed in the same thing I did. YOUTH!!"

The planning, execution, and attention to detail are very impressive. So many options and exhibits and sticky notes and atta boys.


The BOOST Conference was the single most inspirational event I have attended in my 30-year career in youth services. The opportunity to develop key contacts, initiate new ideas and projects, and develop and creative mindset to programme creation was ever present.

Such a sunny, positive convention!

As a first time BOOSTer, I was impressed with the variety of options to choose from which included live podcast, film and discussion, workshops, group discussions, hands-on learning and pop-up events.

After two years of isolation due to pandemic, it was so refreshing to be around so many smiling faces again. Learning, sharing, and networking with creative, innovative, passionate, and purpose-driven individuals from all over the country was inspiring. I look forward to continuing to be thought partners with these amazing individuals so we can all continue to build on the impact we have on our students and families that we serve.

It was the best and most relevant conference I have attended!


Best Conference for Educators!

The small BOOST staff team reflects the power of the field to make miracles happen, in service of our students. This event was well organized, had a vibrant spirit and feel in all spaces, and offers valuable resources and information to those doing this transformational work.

This conference is a MUST DO for all after-school youth workers!

This is the first time I have ever attended the BOOST Conference. The organization of this event was phenomenal. The presenters were extremely informative. I was very happy to be a part of such an informative event!

BOOST relights that spark that lives in all of us

Great conference. I loved and appreciated the design team's hard work. Tia for President 2023!

BOOST was just the reset I needed. Being surrounded by individuals who have similar passions, values and goals is a unique experience. It’s an investment in yourself, your organization, your future, and those you serve. The BOOST buzz still lingers.

It was VERY well organized. Lots for people to do. Tons of vendors. Workshops are always hard to decide.

To anyone struggling with programming or finding direction for your out-of-school time program, attending the BOOST Conference is well worth the expense and the trip. The wealth of resources and training available there was mind-blowing. I left feeling confident that I could boost my programs to a higher level of quality.

I have attended a multitude of conferences over the past 25 years and I can say without reservation that BOOST covers all aspects of the Field and keeps everyone engaged from beginning to end...

BOOST, as always, is awesome! Hands down the best after school conference. Wish I could take all of my team members.

Absolutely loved it! BOOST Conference is a great opportunity to be surrounded by people who have the same or similar goals as you and leave you feeling inspired. It reminds you of your "why" and gives you the resources to practice and elevate your program.

This was my first time attending the BOOST Conference and the experience I had was exceptional. The Conference was very professionally organized and easy to navigate well done to all involved

I loved the conference. I felt like I found other like-minded people in body, mind, and soul. I felt connected and developed a newfound sense of purpose to embody when I came back to Tulsa.

The BOOST Conference experience created a world-class environment for higher learning and provided numerous opportunities for networking across the international sector…

Thank you for coming to the event and empowering each one of us. This was very beneficial. So much information was taken in. I could not have asked for a better experience. Each one of them was personable and made the attendees feel heard and important.

I loved it, such a good way to learn new things and meet new people from all around

BOOST Conference a wonderful event for networking with other youth development professionals looking for a fresh outlook on youth programming.

I love BOOST :)

Great from start to finish...provided a much-needed “boost” and reinvigorated the professional soul. Thank you for a great conference!

Love the whole theme of the conference. The world needs more of this.

Thank you for an amazing experience! This was an incredible week with a lot of inspiring and empowering people! I am extremely grateful to have attended the BOOST Conference and look forward to sharing my knowledge and skills with my colleagues and Young People in Ireland.

The overall experience was amazing. The workshops I attended were delivered effectively and networking provided great opportunities to link with organizations.

Anyone who is passionate about expanded learning needs to attend BOOST! Not only do you get top-rate workshops that develop your skills, but you also find your people. It can't be overstated how important it is to spend time with those who are as passionate about expanded learning as you are! It rejuvenates a person, and you will go back to your job inspired and ready to tackle any issues you may face. I've never met better humans than those that work in expanded learning, and there is nothing better than spending a few uninterrupted days with them sharing ideas and inspiration.

Traveling from Northern Ireland to Palm Springs for the BOOST conference was very worthwhile. I got the opportunity to listen to some fantastic speakers and meet people who are so passionate about their jobs and the difference they can make to young people’s lives. I will take back to my staff team my new learning and embed this within our service.

You were all amazing! So many choices to choose from. Loved the networking aspect of it.

I had a fantastic experience at BOOST and have arrived back to work feeling refreshed, motivated, and with a huge list of ideas and activities to use in my work with young people!

LOVED IT! Could this be replicated on the east coast?!?

BOOST was the inspiration we all need right now. The topics were varied, the opportunities were plenty, and the networking was endless. The blend of in and out of school time providers was critical to providing programming that truly matters and supports our youth.

This was the best conference I have ever attended.

This was definitely a worthwhile experience. I met people from ALL over and, even though I have been doing this job for over 30 years, I learned some new things!

I always enjoy my time at BOOST! It's so WONDERFUL getting to spend time networking with others and learning how to better connect with, engage, and empower our youth!

Love the energy of this conference, I hope I can go again next year.

Had a great time there and will come back for sure.

Best exhibit hall yet, over 50 conferences attended, great job with great resources- Keep up the good work.

I was really impressed by everyone's willingness to open up and share their personal stories with complete strangers. This willingness helped to create immediate connections.


A fantastic conference that provided major learning experiences for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Thanks.

Coming from Northern Ireland to attend the conference, I wasn't sure what to expect! However, I found the organisers and delegates, extremely welcoming. As such, It didn’t take me long to feel comfortable in my new surroundings and be part of the wider BOOST family.

The learning experiences gained from attending the various seminars and workshops, along with the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of people, were both exciting and at the same time, informative. Thanks to all involved for creating such a wonderful experience for me! I know that my time spent with you will be to the benefit of the young people I have the privilege to work with!!

The conference was inspirational on every level and I left with a range of practical and intellectual insights and affirmations.

Was amazing and so refreshing. Thank you for the awesome experience. It's one I'll never forget and look forward to attending next year.

Keep up the amazing work you all do!

I love attending BOOST. I get to network with others in my field whether a site coordinator or an administrator. We are all there for the same reason...looking for ways to support our youth. It's a great place to re-energize and grab the BOOST to keep us in the game.

BOOST Conference was a great opportunity to learn more! Thanks so much!

Great conference. I came back empowered and energized.

Great way to network and learn from other educators around the world, you gain a different perspective

It's important for afterschool professionals to get together to share resources, ideas, and stories. This conference is an opportunity to do this.

What an amazing experience. Fun, educational, and a great opportunity to reunite the passion when working with children. 

BOOST is awesome! BOOST provides a unique opportunity for passionate after school professionals to receive development in relevant areas that help them personally and professionally.

BOOST- Living up to its name!

Overall, I give everything an A+

BOOST is an excellent place to build strong relationships with colleagues and other like-minded practitioners doing the hard heart work of education.

One of the very best educational conferences I have attended in my 30 years in the field.

I had a fun time, meeting new people and learning new things. The team was AMAZING...very welcoming.

I can honestly say, this may be the best conference I have ever attended.

This conference provided some great resources to improve leadership skills. Our team was very impressed with some of the speakers and their engagement of a wide array of individuals!

It was a tough year, and I am simply thankful that we got to get back to BOOST.

"The conference was a great mix of fun and education. There was something for everybody there!

You need to go in order to experience it!

Being a new to BOOST the high level and interactive sessions adding with the "no matter your comfort level there is something for that" networking events makes this conference one of if not the best.

It was my first time at BOOST and I loved it! I can't wait for next year. I learned so much.

BOOST is the BEST!

That leadership team of yours ROCKS!

Very organized. Awesome job.

I can't wait to attend next year

Great conference I hope I get to attend again next year

BOOST provides an amazing opportunity to dive deeper into the topics that are important to the OST world.

I felt supported as an attendee and had a blast.

AMAZING conference!

This was our first time at BOOST and we will definitely be returning.

Thank you. Hooray for BOOST! I will try to be back next year with more of my staff!

The BOOST Conference was an awesome experience full of helpful tools and networking opportunities. I will definitely attend in the future.

This was my first BOOST and I had an amazing time. I made great connections and look forward to returning next year.

Valuable information that I will be able to use throughout the school year with my programs. Everyone there had the same mission of helping our students as much as possible. Very friendly and welcoming environment.

Thank you for a great training, amazing speakers and excellent hospitality.

It was tremendous the amount of work that went into this on behalf of those providing experiences for our nation's children and youth in out-of-school time. I was amazed.

This was my first time attending and I’m very grateful for this experience. All workshops were relevant to not only after school programs but also on a personal level. I can’t wait to attend next year!

BOOST 2022 was an amazing experience. I have gained so many tools and also was able to get refreshed on subject matter that is important to me. I was able to meet a lot of great folks, some of which I hope to partner with I the future.

I loved the networking ability that was offered. I was able to meet a lot of like-minded individuals.

Great experience that allowed me to grow as an educator. I learned new tools and ideas about how to mentor and assist my students as well as different ways to conduct my classroom. I will carry what I learned for many years to come.

Great organization, awesome workshops, a lot of inspiration.

Thank you for allowing us to be connected again!

I had a fun and enriching experience. Thank you!

Great experience that allowed me to grow as an educator. I learned new tools and ideas about how to mentor and assist my students as well as different ways to conduct my classroom. I will carry what I learned for many years to come.

The energy at the BOOST conference reminds me the importance of our work with young people. I was revived and ready to finish the year out!

I was very impressed with the organization and variety of sessions, session types and activities; it was my first time attending BOOST and it was fantastic!

I loved every minute of BOOST! Take me back!!

Great experience, 10/10 would come back!

Refreshing and invigorating opportunity to improve ourselves to improve our youth.

Hands down the best professional development I have experienced in my career- thank you.

Thank you for allowing us to be connected again!

The workshops were very inspirational. It was amazing to learn from people in the after school world who are making a difference in youth lives.

BOOST Attendees lift each other up, a BOOST indeed!

I got a high octane BOOST!

I was inspired by all the amazing people across the country doing hard, brilliant, important work for youth in OST!

It was such a great learning experience & the whole experience motivated me to do even more for the children, families, and staff in our program!

BOOST 2022 was wonderful! Very informative and it was great networking with all our Expanded Learning colleagues again. I learned a great deal and am ready for summer and 2023. Thank you!

Tia and her group do a wonderful job putting BOOST together. It was great being back in person. You could see how happy everyone was to see each other.

BOOST provides a great experience for after school leaders to move their programs to the next level.

Great Conference and amazing team building with our after school team!

A great experience and would definitely recommend to anyone.

Meeting people with similar stories and seeing you are not alone brought me happy tears.

BOOST Conference is a fantastic melting pot of like-minded people who just want to do the very best by the communities and kids that they serve. There are an abundant amount of resources, presentations and networking events that make this this place to be at the end of April. Leaving this conference, my team felt excited to put their new found knowledge to practice.

This conference is not to be missed, incredible experience, knowledgeable presenters and a tremendous amount of fun!

The energy and variety of sessions at BOOST were amazing! So excited to be able to present with such great people!

I was in such awe at being part of the first in person BOOST conference. I was excited to see everyone in person and connect with individuals that I have only seen in Zoom. I appreciated connecting with my colleagues and experiencing the workshops together. It was exciting and I hope to be back.


Overall, it was a wonderful experience being part of BOOST conference. It renewed my energy and gave me lots of new ideas that I can implement in. my daily activities with the children. I simply love it.

I loved participating in the BOOST Conference 2022. BOOST gave me the opportunity to meet new people, I got new ideas for my program also. Interacting with vendors was fantastic too because we can see what kind of new educational materials are available to help kids with their daily academic assignments. Thank you BOOST for all that you do.

The keynote speakers were fabulous. The workshop presenters provided valuable content. I am a first-time attendee at BOOST Conference and relatively new to OST field, and I highly recommend the event for both the professional learning and the passionate inspiration of the people.


If you are in the Out of School world, BOOST is THE conference that cannot be missed out on. In comparison to other conferences across the country. BOOST offers a variety of workshops that address the wealth of issues and interests faced in out of school. Its spectrum makes it a worthwhile experience for staff of all backgrounds, and essential to new managers seeking to understand their role and innovate their programs. If I was able to, I would take at least two people per site each year as everyone walks away re-energized and with new ideas.

BOOST gave me the opportunity to learn from fellow youth development professionals from around the globe. The workshops, panels, and group discussions allowed me to feel a sense of community, and comradery, and gifted me more insight on the various challenges that we are all facing together as OST programs--and how to overcome those obstacles."

The BOOST Conference was SO SO SO REFRESHING. A number of people, including new friends I made at this Conference, colleagues I met in person for the first time, and folks with whom I was reunited after years apart, and I were saying this during BOOST and are still saying this a few weeks after, about how refreshing and rejuvenating and reenergizing it was to reconnect in this setting. After several years of feeling surrounded by so much negative and feeling very disillusioned by, disappointed in, and hurt again and again by decisions being made in the education and OST fields, BOOST quickly replaced all of those feelings with immense positivity and hope - assurance that great things are happening and that people, at all levels of influence, are working to make sustainable transformations. I felt and feel inspired.


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