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2016 BOOST Conference Accolades

Keynotes Father Gregory Boyle and Dr. Tererai Trent were amazing. Thank you!

This truly was the best one yet! Thank you for the work that your team did to put together a fantastic conference. What an inspirational experience we got to walk away with and a deep reminder of why we do the work we do!

The Keynote Speakers for this year's conference were excellent and spot on!  The committee did a great job in finding relevant and inspiring keynote speakers this year.

BOOST was exceptional! I enjoyed it very much!

Out of all the conferences I've gone to throughout my years of working at The Boys & Girls Club I never cried until coming to this one. Completely different, so powerful, amazing and inspiring. I loved the Keynote Speakers!

You outdid yourselves AGAIN! Thank you for having this.

So many valuable resources, ideas, and networking to benefit my programs.

You guys do incredible work!

Love the Keynote speakers and they all really moved me. I came back a different person because of their message. Thank you!

The exhibitors were absolutely phenomenal. All of the ideas were very useful and creative.

Thank you for your dedicated work on behalf of the youth we serve!

This was the BEST professional development experience I have had in my 13 years of teaching- thank you!

The overlapping of sessions and breakouts gave us many options, which was great.

The pre-conference academy was awesome and one of the best presentations of relevant material I've participated in at BOOST!

Morning recess idea is brilliant!

You all “ROCK”! Thank you for the AMAZING experience!

I love reconnecting with BOOST every year- it is like coming home.

I've been to many conferences and conventions and heard lots of speakers but none as good as the three you had.  How powerful and life-changing they were for me! It was amazing.

I felt like I learned a lot and the conference left me motivated to make positive changes in my program. I plan to implement a lot of ideas. I hope our district continues to send us to this conference because I think it will help us become a bigger asset for our students.

Please keep this conference going! I love it!

Thank you! It was a wonderful experience and I am working hard to bring our entire staff next year!


This was my first year attending the BOOST Conference and let me say it was amazing. I loved to see the variety of workshops that were provided. I can't wait to attend next year thank you to all who made BOOST happen, awesome job.

I loved the BOOST conference, it was a life-changing experience for me personally and I would love to keep going every year if possible.

I do want to say great work on this conference!  I have been to 2 different national conferences this year and this was by far my favorite due to the content, schedule, location, and of course the networking/vendors!!! Thank you for your hard work!

Probably the best experience I've ever had. I learned so much. I can't wait for next year!

The leadership team is incredible. This conference was one of the best I have ever attended and I can't wait to return. You have an amazing thing going here and all afterschool professionals should be clamoring to attend. Thank you!

I was completely impressed with the conference and hope to return in order to take advantage of the amazing variety of options.

I really enjoyed the 2016 conference!! I hope that we will be invited back again next year. I was a school teacher for 30 years I am now retired, but there is always something new for us to learn.  The experience of networking with the people at the conference and the presenters were a definite fit for me. I learned a lot to carry back and use. I also shared my materials and expertise with the daytime staff and they really enjoyed the games and stories too. Thank you so much.

BOOST was really was the best conference I've ever been to. We will be back next year.

Keep up the wonderful job that you ALL do!!!

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