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I was so impressed, such a high-quality conference. It was more than I anticipated. Well done!

BOOST is the Epicenter of Youth Development!

BOOST was a BLAST!  I had an awesome time seeing people I hadn't seen, talking to everyone and learning great things. I think it was the highlight of my year. I just want you to know that I appreciate the high quality, very engaging, beautiful & fun conference you pull off.

I think the BOOST Conference is easily the best training available to after school programmers!

I just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to be part of such an “empowering” conference.  From what I could tell it was more than a great success and you and your team should be highly commended for all your hard work and efforts.

Thank you for the great conference you put on! Great workshops, food, and most of all, the participants.

Awesome job with the BOOST conference…. Thank you for bringing and making us drink the Kool-Aid… many of us fell in love with the movement again…

Once again, let me congratulate you on a fantastic conference; you outdid yourself! I think your devotion and passion for children is evident by the way that each year surpasses the previous, and each was great to begin with.

It was the best experience I've had to date. It reminded me why I come to work everyday! Thanks!!

I LOVED it! The best conference experience!

There were many things that I LOVED about the conference... just to name some of them... The Crew group... AWESOME!! The meals; the networking (I made some friends for life); the experience; the sessions I attended. I look forward to next year!

I really enjoyed myself. The classes were fun and I hope that I can apply what I was taught at my work. Thank you so much.

The BEST ever!

You guys put on an amazing conference!

This was a very informative conference. I have learned new skills and techniques that my site would definitely benefit from. The performances were amazing!

It was extremely organized. The meals were excellent and set up so everyone did not have to rush and there was plenty of food. I enjoyed the longer session times. I did not feel rushed and the presenters were able to share a lot of information. I loved it and look forward to next year!

The friendliness and openness of the participants and staff were wonderful... great for sharing best practices. I liked that there were activities planned or available from early morning until late evening. The setting and the food were great!

My first time with BOOST, it was a great experience. I was impressed that it had a small (intimate) conference feel despite the large number of people. Thank you.

Very well organized. Something for everyone.

I was amazed at its size. I brought 13 of my staff and this conference showed them that after school is more than just a college job but an important, credible field with a variety of career opportunities.

Liked the way the sessions were broken up and enjoyed having a "BOOST Break". It gave us time to visit the exhibitor hall and mingle.

You outdid yourself this year, the best conference that I have been to this year. Great job!

Keep it going! The more that I know the better that I am able to serve my children!

Outstanding conference. Amazing attention to detail. Thank you for a wonderful learning experience.

I have been attending conferences throughout my 19 years of service as an educator and BOOST is, by far, the best conference I have ever attended!  THANK YOU!

Was awesome! Loved the energy! Can't wait till next year!!

I loved it! It was very beneficial and a great experience. I can't wait to come back next year.

I really enjoyed how many people attended from all over the country who are just as passionate about working with youth. The workshops I attended were great & informative... I only wish I could have attended more. This was my first time and I look forward to attending next year.

The energy of the conference was invigorating. Jonathan Mooney was inspiring, as were Challenge Day and Crew.

I have been to other national conferences and the information that I gained from the BOOST conference was the best. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.

I enjoyed the conference and the people I met that were from different states. We learned a lot about how different programs are run. Your staff was always helpful and friendly. I am excited about the possibility of returning next year. I really needed the information I received and know I will work better in my program because of it. Your conference was very well organized and everything seemed to have fallen in place. Thank you.

The conference was awesome. It flowed from one event to another. There was so much to do and see.  Everyone involved did a wonderful job.

Great event - Very Informative and an all around good time speaking with colleagues from different states and regions that work with many different populations of youth.

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