So many people I spoke to throughout the week remarked that BOOST is by far the best conference for OST and Expanded Learning, with many of them returning for their 5th, 6th, 7th year or more. It's clear that BOOST has created a community of practice for the OST field that it is beloved by all who participate.

I have to say this convention is so amazing.  You all do such a wonderful job with all the fun events.  It’s so exciting to attend, friendly and such a happy place.

BOOST provides me with a sense of community and belonging!

I have always loved attending BOOST each year.  So many other Conferences claim that they have an EXLP focus, but then only offer one or two Expanded Learning Sessions. The BOOST Conference really in the Super Bowl for Before and After School Learning Resources!!

I feel very 'boosted' up for afterschool!

This was my first BOOST, but I am certain it won't be my last. What a phenomenal conference! The energy was outstanding, the collaboration was infectious, and there was joy in every space. Thank you for the effort that went into making it so successful. It was evident how much the leadership cared about the success of the event!

BOOST is the best use of three days of PD. Literally every workshop and event I learn so much from.

BOOST gave me back the motivation that I once lost. BOOST helped me realize the changes that I want to make in my program, this was an amazing experience.

The conference was outstanding. I had the honor to present to a beautiful group of people, which was life-changing. The BOOST staff was knowledgeable and accommodating with anything I needed. Everyone should attend the BOOST Conference at least once in their life. It will motivate and inspire you in the most fantastic way.

BEST Conference to gain resources for your program.

If you want to learn it you can find it at BOOST!

I had a great time and learned so much!

Boosting us to new heights!

Fun, Entertaining, Educational, Helpful!

Thank you for creating a professional learning experience that reflects and honors the expanded learning field.

BOOST is the best conference for out of school time programming in the country!

I got to connect, refresh, and be inspired!  I am so pumped to bring back all I learned and I am grateful to have been recharged while attending.

I loved getting to network and hear from other OST providers.  It was a great opportunity to gain insight and learn from one another.

Just the mere idea that 3,000 folks from all over the country came together through a shared experience was immeasurably powerful! So many great ideas, personalities, and stories were shared throughout the week. There is no better opportunity to connect, learn, and be inspired!

BOOST offered me the space to breathe and be me. I loved working and learning from so many amazing professionals while also being able to have fun and relax!

It was my first BOOST Conference but definitely won't be my last!

Such a refreshing conference, I felt empowered to be surrounded by people who love our youth.

This was a great conference and provided a wealth of knowledge to use in the after school program and beyond!

The opportunities at BOOST know no bounds. From workshops to networking and so much more, BOOST is jam-packed with new knowledge, new connections, and new inspiration. The variety of approaches to learning that are offered make the conference truly accessible, and there are elements of fun, joy, and celebration built into every experience. My only critique is that there's SO much to do, it's impossible to participate in everything. But, that ability to always get something new will keep me coming back year after year.

The keynote speakers were PHENOMENAL!!

BOOST 2023- Highly motivating, well worth the time and money.

Please continue offering BOOST Conferences in the future. I am B O O S T E D!!!

BOOST is the place to be for all positions working in our field. So many opportunities for growth, connection, understanding, and networking.

BOOST is the conference to be at each year with its warm and welcoming vibe and built-in opportunities to meet new people through fun and lively events.

BOOST was such a great time of learning and networking! Everyone I interacted with while there was just as excited about BOOST as I was. I have come back to my site so pumped for next school year! There are a lot of resources and tools I obtained while at BOOST that will help make our program that much better, stronger and FUN!

BOOST is a great place for likeminded individuals to share their experiences and ideas with one another.  We all want to make a difference in the life of America's youth.  Thank you for making this event possible and for shining a spotlight on expanded learning programs.

I came away feeling so inspired to continue working toward creating liberatory, fun, creative learning spaces that honor my students' assets and provide them the confidence and skills they will need in an ever-evolving world.

It was nothing less than amazing.

The networking, excitement, and collaborative design of the BOOST conference made it one of the conferences I wouldn't want to miss!

Awesome conference! Truly led by a vision of the potential youth workers have in creating opportunities for children and youth.

I really enjoyed meeting people that were in my field from all over the world.

The BOOST Conference provided an exceptional variety of workshops, activities, exhibits, and speakers that both informed and inspired! Definitely want to attend next year!

BOOST is THE place to be for anyone working in OST!

Thank you for the recharge for my spirit. Can’t wait to bring the same energy back to my team.

BOOST 2023 was so much fun! I learned a lot and had a great time networking! I will be back!

I had an amazing time at the 2023 BOOST Collaborative Conference! The event was engaging and energizing, and I had ample opportunities to network with like-minded individuals. The conference provided valuable insights into the expanded learning and OST systems nationwide, and I learned about best practices in the field. Overall, it was a fantastic experience that left me feeling motivated and inspired!

This was an incredible conference. Many conferences feel fluffy and cheesy, but BOOST provided deeply invested people who have mileage with youth. I was grateful for the speakers and the workshop presenters. I loved the option of films and hands-on learning through the Camp Inspire workshops - thank you for covering various forms of learning!

Felt BOOSTED when I came back! Still BOOSTING!!!!

Love this conference. It reignites my passion for OST each year.

BOOST Conference was a well-attended and educational conference. There were many opportunities for collaboration and learning. Free resources are provided by many different organizations that will be helpful in my program.

BOOST was a wonderful way to rejuvenate and squash the burnout we all may feel from time to time. Many were reminded of their "why" and it was a refreshing experience to be able to share passions with other like-minded individuals in the field. The networking opportunities were hands down the best experience I've had in my 6 years of working in Expanded Learning, and the workshops and learning opportunities catered to a variety of interests and needs. Looking forward to next year's conference!

BOOST does a great job putting together all the elements necessary to produce a wonderful conference experience. Sunny Palm Springs = happy learners

BOOST in sunny Palm Springs is a great learning and networking opportunity for educational professionals.

Definitely a fun learning experience!

This year's conference was spot on with the training sessions, the training facilitators and the app. The team I took with me this year was inspired and motivated by the great content and delivery from the training sessions. Please continue to provide the best and most relevant information for us in the afterschool field. GREAT JOB BOOST TEAM!

As a first-time attendee, I appreciated the orientation. I never felt overwhelmed and the overall experience was a "BOOST" to my staff and our programming!

This was an overall great experience and I truly enjoyed gaining knowledge from others in the field.

I learned a lot at the BOOST conference and made some new friends.

This was my first BOOST conference in my 17 years working in education as an out of school time provider. The many topics to choose from reinforced the fact that there is still so much more to learn. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn, connect, and grow as an OST professional and look forward to attending next year.

I wish I could close program for a week and bring my entire team to BOOST! I just know they would enjoy it just as much as I do, and would learn so much more.

The BOOST Conference is the place to be if you want to be energized and inspired!  A few of the reasons I attend BOOST are- outstanding keynote speakers that make you stop, think, and sometimes shed a tear; excellent workshops and exhibitors who provide new and innovative ideas for programming; and great networking opportunities.

This year was my first BOOST Conference, and it was wonderful to see and network with partner organizations and new friends on the West Coast. There were lots of great resources and opportunities to learn from my colleagues in out-of-school time!

Boost 2023 -Highly motivating, well worth the time and money.

Centered on how we can be in community to support young people - a daily question that sometimes can feel very lonely but not at BOOST!  Thank you for keeping me hopeful, energized, and feeling connected.

It was a really great conference with lots of opportunities to grow and learn!

Plenty of things to take in at BOOST, it was a great event for our team!

Y'all are doing a great job! Keep up the amazing work!

Our time together as a team at BOOST was one that allowed us to learn together, have fun together and work on building stronger relationships together.  Together we are better because of BOOST!

This was my first BOOST Conference and I had a really great time. I loved being able to connect and see all the different programs/products that I was able to get information on to take back to my colleagues and tell them why these would serve a great purpose for our program and our community. The workshops that I attended were excellent and I was able to learn a lot just in those 45-minute workshops too.

This conference was fun, exciting, interactive, and truly an eye-opener!! 

Wonderfully organized event. Great presenters and speakers. Very enthusiastic group of leaders.

It is a fantastic week. Everything runs so smoothly.

Love the workshops and activities that BOOST offers.

It was an honor to be able to participate in the BOOST Conference. The booths, workshops, and keynote speakers were very informational and inspirational. If I ever get the opportunity to go again, I would sign up in a heartbeat. Thank you BOOST!

Great job!

Best conference EVER.

The conference was OUTSTANDING and I hope to come back next year.

The volunteers working BOOST were wonderful.

This is a must-attend event for OST Programs.

I really love coming to BOOST, this year was no different!  I have attended since 2013 or 2014. This year the vendors were really great and engaging, that is a huge plus! I enjoyed the film festival choices this year as well!

BOOST is an amazing experience. Being able to bring in and manage so many Expanded Learning professionals is beyond words. Intentional learning, networking, sharing experiences, informative workshops and having fun just like our youth have fun.

BOOST is a great energizer to help push through the last few weeks of the school year. I am motivated to create new partnerships and also continue to build meaningful relationships with folks statewide, nationwide and a global scale. It's really great to share experiences and learn from so many people who are doing amazing things!

This was my first time coming to BOOST and it was a very positive experience. The networking was awesome and lots of planned activities to keep everyone busy. I was exposed to lots of new ideas to bring back to my site and my team.

The most engaging professional development event I have ever attended, thank you!

BOOST is a unique amazing experience where out-of-school time professionals can network, learn and grow!

BOOST was a conference full of emotions. From the keynote speakers touching your heart and reminding us why we work with children, to learning new techniques on how to better engage with our students. BOOST was one amazing conference. Really hoping to attend next year.

BOOST is a boost of energy and inspiration right when we need it most to make summer and expanded learning happen for all youth!

BOOST was an absolutely amazing conference!!! Learning, collaborating, inspiring are only a few words that come to mind when I think of my experience at BOOST.

The networking, excitement, and collaborative design of the BOOST conference made it one of the conferences I wouldn't want to miss!

Thank you for everything you do! Huge impact across the board!

BOOST has a culture that is focused on continuous improvement and child-focused where educators can share their learning and take this back to provide better outcomes for children.

The atmosphere and networking are the top when it comes to conferences.

BOOST was an incredible opportunity to be able to learn from like-minded people who were focused on not only expanding ourselves, but the people and programs we touch when we return home. I loved being able to see the diversity in those that attend and diversity in sessions offered to meet such a large range of needs and interests of betterment. I appreciated the keynotes that displayed direct understanding regarding some of the largest challenges faced by the kids we aim to impact in our own programs to give hope in what can often be dim areas. The heart of everyone there and seeing a collective drive to lift their goals up across the country was really inspiring. I'm so excited to use the new resources in programming with our members!

I really enjoyed the BOOST Conference. I look forward to returning with a team next year.

The sessions were great, the exhibits were informational, and I had a terrific time.

I'm so grateful that I was able to attend and present at BOOST for the first time this year! The energy I received from participants in my sessions was infections and will be carried with me into a busy spring training season!

The BOOST conference was well organized and offered so many opportunities to learn, network and just enjoy the company of like-minded professionals from all over the country. It was great!

The BOOST Conference was an amazing experience. Being able to network with so many different people from across the country was a great way to share ideas and tie them into my after-school program. The workshops were also a fun way to learn and expand my mind. I would recommend the conference to my colleagues and would love to attend future BOOST conferences in the years to come.

I absolutely loved attending the BOOST Conference this year. It was my first time, and I would definitely come back year after year. The caliber of presentations and speakers was high, and the content was exceptional. As someone who works at a state network and not directly with youth, I was able to attend a full lineup of sessions that were relevant to my work with other OST professionals.

It was helpful to be able to talk to presenters, teachers, and program directors about what they are doing in the various programs they are providing in their schools. The exhibit hall gave me the opportunity to find ways to enhance the programs we are creating for our school district.

There is no better conference than BOOST to network, recharge your batteries and have fun!

The BOOST conference is the most relevant and immersive educational conference I have ever attended in my twenty-plus years of work. It is an invigorating and refreshing experience for anyone who works in out-of-school time programs with an amazing network of experts. Our school community has greatly benefited by our attendance at BOOST!

I love the BOOST Conference because it is so interactive, inspiring, and educational.

Thank you for an amazing conference with a wealth of resources and networking opportunities.

Inspiring. I felt like I got to be a kid again.

This year was my first year attending BOOST and I am hoping to come back again next year. It was great getting to meet after school staff from all over the country that have the same passion and drive to create the best program for their students. The conference also allowed me to see so many great companies that create really great products that would provide such great learning opportunities for the students.

If you are looking for high energy, some motivation, and just new ways to get your students up, moving, and learning look no more. The BOOST Conference has all of this and so much more.

I appreciate all the hard work that was put into making the BOOST Conference available and also providing spaces where we can all relate to one another and share ideas. In some cases, it was very much healing. I absorbed a lot of great information/tools to bring back to our after school program.

This was a high-paced, interactive conference that provided the attendees with a lot of resources and options.

BOOST was not only a learning conference for me but it boosted my confidence that I needed to bring back to my program. Just because we are not paid enough or appreciated enough doesn’t mean we don’t matter and that we are making a difference in our kids lives on a daily basis. I left BOOST with life long friends. It was such a great experience and I hope I can attend next year.


I went into the conference not expecting to make any connections, but I was wrong! I met new people at every workshop, meals, and events. I encountered other professionals who were more than willing to have conversations about how I could improve myself and be a better educator for my students.

The BOOST Conference offers many learning opportunities for any type of program.

The conference provided my team and I with a lot of opportunities to grow in the OST field.  We are taking the information back to our community and sharing it with others in our field.

I would like to send a big Thank You to the presenter‚ the volunteers, and overall those involved in organizing and executing the workshops and activities.

I was so impressed with the BOOST Conference that I want to come back year after year! From inspiring keynote speakers to hands-on workshops, and making fun connections before and after the learning was AMAZING! There is something to be said about people coming together from all over the country with a common goal to learn how to better serve our students and families that is very special.

The keynote speakers were absolutely amazing and all had a heartfelt testimony to share.

Great conference and the positive vibe is appreciated.

The BOOST Conference was one of the most engaging conferences I've attended in my 16 years in education!

BOOST included a wide variety of exhibitors making for an even more interesting event than your average conference. I enjoyed every minute. There was no shortage of things to do. I plan to attend next year.

BOOST is a great time to reenergize, be inspired, and grow as an educator!

This conference was a great opportunity for members of our 21st CCLC team to learn new approaches, see a variety of program opportunities, and to have fun!  We will be bringing back lots of insight and some of these opportunities to share with our students!

Great job to the event organizers! It was a blast! I had a great time letting my inner child out, meeting new people, and learning new games and ways to improve after school programs.

Live, Laugh and Learn at BOOST and make sure you absorb all you want/can.

If you ever get a chance to attend relish every moment because it’s all over too soon. You will develop relationships that may last a lifetime.

The BOOST Conference stands out as one of the best conferences I've had the opportunity to attend. A perfect blend of business and pleasure, it serves as a place to learn and relax. The BOOST Conference does a wonderful job of providing networking opportunities to see some old faces and meet some new ones. I highly recommend the BOOST Conference.


The energy at BOOST is amazing, I don't think there was one person in a bad mood.

I love this conference because it provides a wide variety of workshops that fit my needs. I also love the opportunity to connect with attendees from other states and share best practices.

BOOST Conference is great for direct line staff to get access to some techniques and information that can increase the quality of services they provide, to bring some awesome ideas into programs, and a great networking opportunity.

Great experience meeting people from all over the states doing the same important work we do.

BOOST in the boost I need before heading into summer programming! There is something so energizing about being in space with humans who understand the value and power of expanded learning, humans who are passionate about the same things as you. For anyone who is feeling burnt out, who has lost sight of your why, come to BOOST. You'll find it again, I promise!

This was my first BOOST Conference. Thank you for providing inspiring messages, experiences, and valuable tools and resources for educators.

Great Conference! A great place to learn how to prepare our students for their future!

The BOOST Conference was very well organized making for a pleasant first experience.

BOOST has provided my team with the opportunity to learn from cutting-edge vendors and service providers that are often recognized nationally.

BOOST has been an awesome experience! This is my first year and I will be definitely coming back. So many resources and workshops to bring back to not only our students but staff as well

Can’t wait until next year!

This conference helped me better serve my students and I was able to bring back so many resources and tools to my site!

Thank you for an awesome conference.

This was my first year attending the BOOST Conference after barely more than one year working in youth services. It was eye-opening to meet so many people working across sectors, settings, and age groups to serve our nation's youth. I learned so much and hope to attend again in future years.


The BOOST Conference brings together a very diverse group of educators, and the energy at the conference is extremely positive. Excellent networking opportunities, and workshops to learn new strategies.

This was an incredible conference. I had a hard time deciding which workshops to go to. High caliber of presenters.

This was my first time at BOOST Conference and I loved it. The workshops were great, the networking events were fun and engaging, and the keynote speakers were phenomenal. 10's across the board. I look forward to coming back next year.

The BOOST Conference reassured me I am in the right field of work.

This amazing conference was motivating, inspiring and insightful.  BOOST is an experience I will hold close to my heart, as gathering with like-minded people was so meaningful.

Everything is possible when we come together and collaborate and become one.

Really enjoyed all the speakers leading the sessions and sharing their knowledge.

BOOST created an empowering and uplifting experience that wonderfully impacted our staff as they gained valuable and practical skills.

The BOOST Conference was just what I needed to give me the BOOST I needed. This was my first time attending the conference, so I was hoping to get at least a little something out of it to bring back to my site the kids, staff, and myself, but what I gained was so much more!

The BOOST Conference helped me realize just how alike many cities across America are when it comes to education and youth and made me realize that we are not alone in this fight to protect our children!

BOOST was equally fun and productive - a great time to get away, collaborate with your team, and meet other like-minded individuals who become partners and friends.

I love the BOOST Conference. I get to meet a lot of people from different places that have different ideas. The events are always awesome. 


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