BOOST Master Classes are classes offered to attendees by world-class experts of a specific discipline in order to develop skills in fundamental concepts and stimulate thought in a specific area. BOOST Master Classes may include lectures, panels, research findings, promising practices, case studies, real-world issues, and valuable industry expertise by respected leaders in their field.

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Wednesday, May 1

10:30 AM-12:15 PM

Youth Development (Older Youth Focus) - Talking To Students About Difficult Topics Without Losing Your Job
Deborah Gilboa, MD, aka “Dr. G.”, Parenting & Youth Development Expert and Author, Pittsburg, PA

Dr. G HeadshotSex. Drugs. Grief. Alcohol. Divorce. Deployment. No matter what the topic, these hard subjects require effective and repeated conversations between adult and child. Dr. G will take the fear out of addressing these issues with clear steps to having these talks in ways that grown-ups can manage and children can hear. Dr. G will help educators be able to navigate these difficult talks in a professional and appropriate manner while helping to educate and build resilience in their students and give them somewhere they can turn to when they have difficult questions in the future.

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2:45 PM - 4:45 PM

Youth Development (Elementary Focus) - Partnering With Parents: Sharing Expertise and Goals To Create A Strong Child-Centered Team
Deborah Gilboa, MD, aka “Dr. G.”, Parenting & Youth Development Expert and Author, Pittsburg, PA

Dr. G HeadshotParent involvement has a causal relationship to greater academic achievement, fewer risky behaviors in teens, stronger parent-teacher/school relationships, improved child and teen behavior, higher graduation rates, and increased enrollment after high school. Parents, counselors, therapists, and educators share the same goal: student success, but often see themselves as being on opposite sides of the fence. How do we get parents to see we’re on the same team? In this interactive session, participants will examine their current parent engagement efforts for indicators that demonstrate shared values, mutual respect, and a spirit of collaboration while maintaining the educators' professional values and integrity.

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Thursday, May 2

10:00 AM-12:00 PM

A Deep Dive Into Radical Healing with Shawn Ginwright, Ph.D.
Shawn Ginwright, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Flourish Agenda Inc., Oakland, CA and Associate Professor of Education and African American Studies, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 

Shawn Ginwright Ph.D. roundThis session provides a fresh and exciting view of Radical Healing and community change. In this session, Dr. Ginwright vividly illustrates how strategic plans and logic models seldom produce the transformation we seek in schools and youth development programs. Schools, community organizations, and city governments often change their policies, and practices but seldom transform the hearts of the people in their organizations. Change happens when people’s hearts are transformed. The session explores self-reflection and offers a process for deeper engagement with young people. The session provides practical strategies and activities that can be used to improve school climate, restore the social-emotional health, and establish equity in schools and youth-serving agencies. 

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1:15 PM - 2:30 PM

School Sucks. After School Shouldn't
Jonathan Mooney, Author, Entrepreneur, Activist 
Santa Monica, CA 

Jonathan Mooney round

Jonathan Mooney knows first hand the transformative power of after school programs. During the school day, he was one of “those kids”.  The kid chilling out with the janitor in the hallway or hiding in the bathroom to escape reading class. But in his after school programs, parks and rec robotics program, YMCA soccer league, school district run science programs, he was no longer the stupid, crazy, lazy kid but someone how could learn and be successful.   In this personal, humorous, and researched based talk, Jonathan explores the foundational principles of transformative out of school time experiences that change kids' lives.  Far from arguing that after school programs should “align” with the school day, Jonathan celebrates the unique pedagogy and values of the after school programs and raises the provocative challenge that the traditional school day should be more like the best after school programs.

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