Phase 1 of our 2018 workshops are listed below. Stay tuned for additional workshops coming soon!  

2018 BOOST Conference Workshops

(Updated as of 12-10-17)

#AfterschoolWorks: Crafting a Winning Afterschool Message
Nikki Yamashiro, Director of Research, Afterschool Alliance; Alexis Steines, Director of Field Outreach, Afterschool Alliance, Washington, DC

Do you ever feel that your words don’t have the impact you think they should have when you talk to others about afterschool? This interactive workshop will discuss what works and what doesn’t when communicating about afterschool, how to tailor your message for key audiences, and how to leverage this information and build support for your program.
Strand: Sustainability

212: The Extra Degree
Rachel Willis, Research Project Manager, Kansas Enrichment Network; Brandon Hutton, Research Project Coordinator, Kansas Enrichment Network, Lawrence, KS

How do you as a program staff member ensure that your enrichment activities are intentional, relevant and connect to student learning? How do you as a program director ensure that your staff are performing at their highest level making your program outstanding? How do you as the leader of the organization ensure that you are getting the most out of your partnerships and collaboration? REFLECTION. Reflection is the “extra degree” to make your program the best at all levels (activities, staff and community partnerships). Join the discussion about reflection and learn new strategies to incorporate reflection on a regular basis.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Advocacy 101 - Local Control Funding Formula
Jessenia Reyes, Manager of Educational Equity, Advancement Project, Los Angeles, CA

Advancement Project is a policy advocacy, data research and power building organization that advances the needs of marginalized communities. Through rigorous analysis, we reveal the disparities in our state and support ground level advocates with the tools to enact change. This workshop will provide an overview about the Local Control Funding Formula – the new law that transforms the way California’s public school are funded – and the Local Control and Accountability Plan. Participants will be able to learn the basic tools on how to advocate at the district level for programs and students of color.
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships 

Afterschool Pathways for Representation in STEM
Emma Banay, Design2Learn Program Manager, ExpandED Schools, New York City, NY; Sabrina Gomez, Director of Expanded STEM Opportunities, ExpandED Schools, New York City, NY; Latoya Braswell, STEM Coordinator/Mentoring Coach, Highland Park Community School / Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, Brooklyn, NY

Research shows that students benefit from being taught by teachers with similar life experiences. In response to challenges related to teacher diversity, representation, and retention in New York City, ExpandED Schools is pursuing a number of strategies to create pathways into the STEM and education workforce and increase equity for underrepresented youth and educators. ExpandED Schools is working towards these goals through 1) ExpandED Pathways, a suite of programs designed to recruit and support educators of color who are looking for pathways into teaching or youth development careers, particularly in STEM; and 2) Design2Learn, an afterschool enrichment program to support community-based educators’ development in STEM instruction and boost underrepresented students’ interest, engagement, and achievement in STEM. This workshop will review our innovative models, our results from the first years of these initiatives, and the potential for building a system to support this work within New York City. Using a panel format, participants will also hear stories and testimonials from an afterschool site director, nonprofit leadership, and a current program participant. These testimonials will focus on how these different programs promote equity, improve program quality, and increase opportunities for school-community partnerships and collaboration. The workshop will also include an opportunity for participants to brainstorm and reflect on how to adopt and adapt practices in their communities, schools and programs.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

American Dreamers
“American DREAMers” tells the story behind the Campaign for an American DREAM (CAD), a group of six undocumented youth and an ally who risk their freedom when they publicly come out as undocumented and walk 3,000 miles to the nation's capital to organize for immigrant rights. These are college students, young professionals, activists, and community leaders. Follow their journey as they come out of the shadows, share their stories, empower communities, and put everything on the line to fight in what they believe is their civil rights movement. They are undocumented and unafraid. And some are UndocuQueer, too.
Moderator: TBD
Strand: Film Festival

Amplifying Educator and Student Voices Through TED-Ed- Part 1 Educator Focus
Stephanie Lo, TED-Ed Director of Programs, TED Conferences, New York City, NY, Ashley Kolaya, TED-Ed Clubs Program Manager, TED Conferences, New York City, NY, Stephanie Ng, TED-Ed Innovative Educator Program Manager, TED Conferences, New York City, NY

What happens when educators and students around the world share their best ideas with each other? TED-Ed’s presentation literacy program helps educators and students develop and share their best ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks. Join the TED-Ed team for an interactive session that will help you discover and tell your best story. We’ll explore the elements of a great idea and dive into the process building a narrative that lets your idea reach and inspire others. Learn how you can help amplify the voices of fellow educators and students everywhere, and join an international community of lifelong learners, connected through the TED-Ed platform.
Strand: Program Design, Development and Quality

Amplifying Educator and Student Voices Through TED-Ed- Part 2 Student Focus
Stephanie Lo, TED-Ed Director of Programs, TED Conferences, New York City, NY, Ashley Kolaya, TED-Ed Clubs Program Manager, TED Conferences, New York City, NY, Stephanie Ng, TED-Ed Innovative Educator Program Manager, TED Conferences, New York City, NY

What happens when educators and students around the world share their best ideas with each other? TED-Ed’s presentation literacy program helps educators and students develop and share their best ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks. Join the TED-Ed team for an interactive session that will help you discover and tell your best story. We’ll explore the elements of a great idea and dive into the process building a narrative that lets your idea reach and inspire others. Learn how you can help amplify the voices of fellow educators and students everywhere, and join an international community of lifelong learners, connected through the TED-Ed platform.
Strand: Program Design, Development and Quality

Merryl Goldberg, Professor, California State University San Marcos, San Marcos, CA

ART=OPPORTUNITY is a research-based campaign focused keenly on understanding the importance of why art matters to and for academic achievement, college, and career readiness. Participants will receive "Why Art" cards (in English and Spanish) and will engage in a lively discussion. Practical applications to your context will be central to this workshop.
Strand: Staff Leadership

Be-YOU-Tiful: How to Find Your True Leadership
Erika Petrelli, Senior Director of Leadership Development, The Leadership Program, New York, NY

Do you find yourself looking to books or websites or online quizzes to figure out how to be a "leader"? The truth is, the answer already lies within you. In this session, participants will discover the beauty of their own true leadership and learn how to let it boldly shine. Discover, tap into, and express your true leadership style and identify ways to bring out the true leadership in others.
MLA, DS, E, M, H
Strand: Staff Leadership

Be The Boss: Changing the Game for Middle School Youth
Christina Oliver, Chief Program Officer, Classroom Inc., New York, NY

Come play and learn about Read to Lead – a FREE curriculum resource that can be used in your expanded learning programs to simultaneously support several Quality Standards, including Youth Voice and Leadership & Skill Building! Youth (grades 5-8) become the boss in a real-world workplace where they must overcome challenges by reading through their workday, writing to their staff, and using evidence to solve problems. Offline youth collaborate on community action projects. Leave with free tools to kick –off Read to Lead!
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Catalyzing Change through Out-of-School Running Clubs
Chad Mann, Community Development Manager, Marathon Kids, Austin, TX

In this active workshop participants will examine how the use of simple running/walking clubs can foster social support, build self- esteem, increase physical activity, and engage their community around health and wellness. Participants will develop strategies on how to achieve these goals and share those strategies with their out-of-school community.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Cracking the Code: Listening as a Tool for Resolving Conflict
Tiana Brown, Assistant Director, Norwalk Housing Authority (NHA) Learning Centers, Norwalk, CT

The “Cracking the Code” workshop will help classroom teachers, after school educators, and counselors become leaders in conflict resolution. Educators will develop a greater awareness of the pitfalls of ineffectual listening, but more importantly, they will realize the importance of using effective listening techniques during future conflicts as they arise.
DS, E, M, H
Strand: Staff Leadership

Creating a Thriving Workplace by Building a Trauma-Informed + Employee Wellness Approach in Your Program
Erin Browder, Education Consultant, Erin Browder, LLC, Los Angeles, CA

Grounded in research from the fields of education psychology, emotional intelligence and neurobiology, this workshop will offer a toolkit for educators, principals, health care staff, and school counselors whose work serves large populations exposed to varying levels of childhood trauma and adversity. Participants will understand the key pieces to implementing a trauma-informed strategy in their program or organization. They will unpack the concept of trauma and self-care as it relates to school-based contexts, explore was to engage colleagues and lead implementation efforts that builds a sturdy foundation for a trauma-informed approaches. They will deepen their awareness of resources, methods and frameworks to guide their work. They will explore the idea that a trauma-informed approach supports the well-being of the entire school community which includes adults AND children. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate and build off each others’ expertise.
Strand: Staff Leadership

Cultivating Resilience Through Kindness
Brooke Jones, Vice President, Random Acts of Kindness, Denver, CO

Resilient people have a greater capacity for kindness and can create stronger, more meaningful relationships. Resilience can be cultivated through our behaviors and attitudes. In this workshop participants will learn how to apply Random Acts of Kindness resources to school, after school programs, and home settings to connect children with their inner resilience and evaluate results.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Developing Civics Habits of Mind in Out-of-School Time
Heather Loewecke, Assistant Director, Global Learning Beyond School, Center for Global Education at Asia Society, New York, NY

A contentious 2016 presidential election and the current political climate put civic education back on the radars of policymakers and educators. Afterschool programs can go beyond traditional teaching about US history or government by focusing on the competencies required for 21st century civic engagement: leadership, self-efficacy, collaboration, perspective-taking, and a commitment to purposeful action. Participants will engage in activities related to the democratic processes of governance, deliberation, and taking action that can be used back at programs to foster youth’s civic dispositions and competencies.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Energizers, Icebreakers, and Just Plain Fun
Damita “Penny” Willis, Training and Program Development, Lions Club International, Oak Brook, IL

Join this high engagement session to learn ways to use energizers and ice breakers to foster community, develop social and emotional skills, support collaboration and develop meaningful relationships among young people and even your staff. Participants will gain access to 100+ energizers, icebreakers and grouping strategies.
Strand: Sustainability

Expanding Student Success: The State of Expanded Learning in California
Michael Funk, Director, Expanded Learning Division, California Department of Education, Sacramento, CA; Heather Williams, Strategic Initiatives, Coordinator, Expanded Learning Division, CDE, Sacramento, CA

What another awesome year in Expanded Learning! Come hear the highlights and Michael's plan for the upcoming year to continue to realize the vision that Expanded Learning programs are paramount to a good education for California students. Join Michael for an interactive discussion with time for Q&A.
Strand: BOOST Nation: Town Hall

Fan Activism: Using Pop Culture for Civic Engagement
Janae Phillips, Director of Leadership and Education, Harry Potter Alliance, Cranston, RI

What if you really could join Dumbledore's Army? The Paladins of Voltron? Run away with the Doctor? Good news: you can. In this hands-on workshop learn exactly how to use fan activism to bring a touch of magic to civic engagement and social change work for youth.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

The Flawed Leader
Annemarie M. Grassi, Ph.D, Founder and CEO, Open Doors Academy, Cleveland, OH

Too often in leadership we come to focus on the drive of success at any cost, and as we start spinning the tornado in an effort to reach the goal, we often fail to see the destruction we have left behind. While I have always proudly stated, "I am not perfect", it wasn't until recently that I began to look closely at how I served as a part of the dysfunction on my team, and came to honestly and deeply own my flaws and seek to change in order to better those I serve with and those whom I serve. This workshop is designed to help those in charge (whether it is a group of kids, a center, or an entire organization) the importance of being able to identify and own your failures in order to be a stronger and more impactful leader. It is only through authentic self-discovery that we can be stronger tomorrow than we are today!
Strand: Staff Leadership

Gallup – Maximizing Student Strengths in Out-of-School Time
Presenter TBD

Using the Gallup StrengthsFinder with Students and Program Staff

Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day? Chances are, you don't, and neither do many students. All too often, our natural strengths go untapped because we devote more time to fixing our shortcomings than to developing our strengths. Everyone has a unique combination of innate strengths, and when people understand and apply their top strengths, the effect on their lives is profound. Out-of-school time activities afford important opportunities for students to figure out what they do best, identify and develop their strengths, and learn to appreciate the strengths and contributions of others in service to themselves and their communities. The sooner students learn more about themselves and what they do best, the more prepared they will be to use their strengths to inform their personal growth and to meet their full potential.
Strand: Pre-Conference

“Get Explicit About Implicit Bias” Using Compassionate Dialogue
Dr. Nancy Dome, CEO, Epoch Education, El Verano, CA  

“No matter how good our intentions to be free of prejudice, we all have implicit biases that can have a serious impact on our work in schools.” Participants will explore the concept of implicit bias and the nuanced behavior that is a product of our unconsciousness. As they engage with the materials, participant’s will have opportunities to reflect upon how your implicit biases may be impacting there work in schools as well as their personal lives. They will engage in activities to practice Compassionate Dialogue allowing them to learn skills of “interrupting” the behavior internally and interpersonally. Finally they will create an action plan around the essential question: What am I willing to do to not only become aware, but interrupt actions that reflect implicit bias.
Strand: Staff Leadership

Getting Kids Excited About Cooking with Q + A from Edible Education
Ann Butler, Founder, CEO, Edible Education LLC, Midlothian, VA; Quincy Jackson, Executive Chef, Edible Education LLC, Midlothian, VA

Does your cooking program need some sizzle? Join Chefs Quincy + Ann (Q + A) as you experience hands-on cooking to get your kids excited about healthy food prep. We will share chef knife safety skills, the best tools and equipment needed, age-appropriate culinary tasks and the essentials for beginning or expanding your program. Come eat, experience and enjoy the essentials for creating your exciting edible education.
MLA, DS, E, M, H
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

"Growth Heartset": Establishing a Culture of Caring
Stu Semigran, President & Co-Founder, EduCare Foundation, Van Nuys, CA

How do we wake up our young people to who they are and what their lives can become? What if we need to develop a new “growth heartset” to complement and enhance a positive “growth mindset”? We may think that their minds are ready to learn, but what may not be ready are our students’ “hearts”. When the heart is set in a healthy and compassionate place, the mind is more open and prepared to learn. Learn skills for developing a new “growth heartset” in our teaching and learning infused with caring, connectivity, and proven SEL practices.
Strand: Older Youth

H.E.A.R. – Helping Everyone Achieve Respect
Amy M. Smith, Ph.D. Director of Educational Programs, Career Training Concepts, Inc., Snellville, GA

The purpose of this interactive session is to share the methods of youth empowerment used in HEAR -- Helping Everyone Achieve Respect. HEAR is a student workshop, developed by subject matter experts at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, that impacts middle school students' thinking about bullying prevention and respect building. Content, resources, and opportunities to schedule HEAR workshops will be discussed, and participants will also play a group game (one that is fun, simple and stress-less, we promise!), role play and participate in small group discussions that will prepare them to facilitate HEAR workshops with their own students.
Strand: Pre-Conference

Helping Educators and Students Develop Personal Narratives
Richard Reyes, Executive Director, PLUS ME Project, Los Angeles, CA

Students often struggle with acknowledging that their story matters. In this workshop, participants will experience the process of developing their own personal narrative while gaining tools on how to engage students in creating their own. Attendees will reflect on the stories that have shaped their own lives, engage in activities that build personal connections and community, and take away strategies to help students develop their own stories that matter.
Strand: Older Youth

How to Build a Winning Team
Sonia Toledo, President, Dignity of Children, Inc., New York, NY; Tinnycua Williams, Master Trainer, Dignity of Children, Inc., New York, NY

For many after school programs one of the biggest barriers to a successful program is well trained, engaged staff. With after school under constant struggle with retaining quality staff now is the time to create an environment with intention that can empower your staff to serve your children effectively. Building a Winning Team is a workshop for Directors that outlines solid strategies that will engage staff while providing tips for creating a quality program environment, staff development and so much more. For the novice or the seasoned Director, the workshop “Building a Winning Team” will put after school directors on the road toward success.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

How to Transform Reluctant Readers Into Confident Ones
Emily Moberly, Founder/CEO, Traveling Stories; Hezhi Naseem, Field Manager, Traveling Stories, San Diego, CA

Do you work with elementary school students who struggle with reading? Come hang out with Traveling Stories’ founder, Emily Moberly, and explore how the organization is inspiring thousands of kids to fall in love with reading every year. Learn how our award-winning StoryTent program is overcoming ESL challenges, learning disabilities, and poor living conditions at home to effectively improve children’s reading skills by the 4th grade. We’ll send you home with proven, actionable tips your team can use to engage reluctant readers and we’ll give you information on how to start a StoryTent at your agency.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

I Am Jane Doe
I Am Jane Doe is a gut-wrenching human story and fresh look at a social and legal issue that affects every community in America.  The voices of the mothers and children in the film has helped to usher in legislative change in both the House and Senate. Called “a gripping legal thriller” (Esquire); “a powerful call to action” (The Los Angeles Times); “viscerally emotional” (The Washington Post), I Am Jane Doe chronicles the epic battle that several American mothers are waging on behalf of their middle-school daughters, victims of sex trafficking on, the classified advertising website that for years was part of the iconic Village Voice.  Reminiscent of Erin Brockovich and Karen Silkwood, these mothers have stood up on behalf of thousands of other mothers, fighting back and refusing to take no for an answer.
Moderator: Gabriela Delgado, Program Specialist, San Diego County Office of Education, San Diego, CA
Strand: Film Festival

"I'm an Exhibitionist...of Student Learning"
Michelle Sadrena Clark and Mari Jones, Co-Directors of the Share Your Learning Campaign/Deeper Learning Hub, San Diego, CA; Rodrigo Arancibia, After School Programs Lead, Sweetwater Union HS District, San Diego, CA

To engage students in deeper learning we have set an audacious goal for educators– By 2020 we aim to have 5 million students complete a public presentation of learning. To achieve this goal, we are encouraging in-school and afterschool programs across the country to help create deeper learning experiences for ALL students. This interactive workshop will provide educators with resources to unleash student voice and innovation! Join the Share Your Learning Campaign and learn how to design and implement student exhibitions of learning!
CB, E, M, H
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

If You Build It
From the director of WORDPLAY and I.O.U.S.A. comes a captivating look at a radically innovative approach to education. IF YOU BUILD IT follows designer-activists Emily Pilloton and Matthew Miller to rural Bertie County, the poorest in North Carolina, where they work with local high school students to help transform both their community and their lives. Living on credit and grant money and fighting a change-resistant school board, Pilloton and Miller lead their students through a year-long, full-scale design and build project that does much more than just teach basic construction skills: it shows ten teenagers the power of design-thinking to re-invent not just their town but their own sense of what's possible. IF YOU BUILD IT offers a compelling and hopeful vision for a new kind of classroom in which students learn the tools to design their own futures.
Moderator: Matt D'Arrigo, Founder, A Reason to Survive (ARTS), National City, CA and Director, Clare Rose Foundation, San Diego, CA 
Strand: Film Festival 

Increasing SEL Through Physical Activity
Sandy Slade, President/CEO, Skillastics, Corona, CA

In order to grow into healthy, happy & competent adults, youth must learn a core set of social & emotional skills. A physical active environment is the IDEAL place to enhance these skills. To miss the opportunity to learn many unique physical activities that you can use immediately! Fitness novices welcome! You may walk in a skeptic, but will walk out a believer in the connection between physical activity and SEL.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Keep Calm and Dance On!
Dr. Kristy Hilton, Trainer, School Specialty, Sportime featuring SPARK, San Diego, CA

Does teaching dance make you as uncomfortable as it does for your students? In this session, we will share new lessons and resources to make dance more accessible for everyone. You will walk away with instructional strategies that enhance learning as well as an increased confidence in teaching dance in your out of school programs.
MLA, DS, CB, E, M, H
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Leading the Way through Afterschool: Reducing the School-to-Prison Pipeline
Linda Barton, Director, Wyoming Afterschool Alliance, Lander, WY; Shannon Christian, Executive Director, Worland Youth Learning Center, Worland, WY

Learn what the Wyoming Afterschool Alliance is doing to reduce the School-to-Prison Pipeline through afterschool programs as prevention/early interventions for children and youth. This session offers ideas and strategies to serve our most at-risk children and youth through partnerships with school districts, law enforcement, juvenile justice providers, and judicial systems. This important initiative has been designed to 1) understand the environment and climate of Juvenile Justice in the state of Wyoming through data collection; 2) develop an outreach plan based on data collection and interviews to, law enforcement, county attorneys and prosecutors, juvenile defense attorneys, guardians ad litem and school districts to advocate that afterschool programs should be the first tier intervention and an important system of support; 3) develop a series of youth development professional development trainings based on the Number One response from virtually all sectors, which is the need for an understanding of challenging behaviors at various ages and stages of youth development; 4) assist programs in outreach to their local communities to form prevention coalitions and work alongside key partners and; 5) host informational events on the value of afterschool programs as an important partner in decisions that can support at-risk children and youth.
MLA, DS, CB, E, M, H
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships

Linking Literacy and Nutrition During Out of School Time
Clarissa Hayes, Child Nutrition Policy Analyst, Food Research and Action Center, Washington, DC; Jenna Fahle, Program Specialist, USDA Food and Nutrition Service, Western Regional Office, San Francisco, CA

When the school day ends – whether for the day or for the summer - millions of children lose access to the school meals they rely on to stay healthy and learning. The federally-funded Summer and Afterschool Meal Programs can play a critical role in addressing food insecurity during out of school time hours, supporting the development of lifelong healthy eating habits, and bolstering afterschool and summer programs. This session will focus on the connection between nutrition, learning, and literacy, and how schools, libraries and other literacy-focused providers can coordinate nutrition programs with learning activities this year.
ULA, DS, CB, E, M, H
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

It Only Takes a Moment™ is an eye-opening community event that confronts the harsh realities that many youth face. Created by youth activist and award-winning filmmaker, Erahm Christopher, It Only Takes a Moment™ offers an exclusive screening of his debut feature film, LISTEN, followed by an honest conversation about this growing mental health crisis. Highlighting issues like cyber-bullying, racism, self-harm, violence, isolation, and suicide, It Only Takes a Moment™ elevates youth voices, offers solutions, and connects communities with the practical tools needed to help adolescents not feel alone in their pain. Presented completely free of charge for a limited time throughout the US and Canada, It Only Takes a Moment™ holds a mirror up to adults and asks, “Do you realize how serious this mental health crisis is? Will you miss another moment to prevent another tragedy?”
Moderator: TBD
Strand: Film Festival

Minding the Gap: Using Data to Improve Program Access for Under-served Teens
Jill Young, Senior Director of Research & Evaluation, After School Matters, Chicago, IL; Adrienne Scherenzel-Curry, Chief Program Officer, After School Matters, Chicago, IL

In Chicago, a city with rapidly changing demographics, After School Matters is using data to improve program access for underserved high school teens. Presenters will discuss their struggles and progress, including strategies that work, lessons learned, and provide ample time for attendees to plan to address their own participation gaps.
Strand: Older Youth

More than a Meeting: Strategies to Deliver Meaningful Meetings
Christine Woolford, Professional Development & Quality Manager, Building Educated Leaders for Life (BELL), Dorchester, MA; Crystal Perry, Senior Director, Professional Development & Quality, Building Educated Leaders for Life (BELL), Dorchester, MA

Have you ever been in a meeting a thought, "they could have shared this information in an email?” Get rid of e-mail meetings and discover how to engage your audience in meaningful and quality sessions in which your message will resonate with everyone. Whether training a room of 100 or a staff of 3, in this session, you will take part in small group discussion, hands-on activities, and learn strategies to motivate your most powerful tool, your staff! Learn how to empower your audience to yield greater outcomes for youth, no matter the message.
Strand: Staff Leadership

Moving Forward Together: How Unexpected Partnerships Can Breathe New Life Into Your Work
Daniel Hatcher, Director, Community Partnerships, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Washington, DC; Erin Hogeboom, Community Development and Network Strategy Manager, National Girls Collaborative, Seattle, WA

Tight budgets and limited capacity mean we all have to work together to create quality enrichment experiences for children. Finding synergies and partnerships with purpose can be challenging. This interactive workshop will introduce you to an innovative partnership between the National Girls Collaborative and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation blending the healthy afterschool movement with STEM education.
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships

Oh the Math That They’ll Know – PK– 2 Primary Math Games
Jane Felling, Consultant, Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Finally a tailor-made workshop for Primary Pre K - 2 levels. Come prepared to play games that incorporate the use of cards, dice, and math shakers that teach the following concepts: numeration, learning numbers to 10, 20 and 100, place value, operations and fact fluency. Ideas for developing math journals and math talk extensions will be shared throughout the workshop. Get your afterschool math program rolling with our favorite Box Cars games. Game boards, student samples, ideas for home connections will also be shared. Great ideas for Title 1, afterschool, regular, Special Ed, and incorporating family math nights. Come prepared to play.
Strand: Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development, and Quality

Online Registration: Making Registration Easy for the Modern-day Family through the Eyes of Eleyo
Robin Mattaini, Director, Customer Experience, Eleyo, St. Paul, MN; Joe Hickey, Business Development Manager, Eleyo, St. Paul, MN

Join Eleyo as we discuss how child care programs can meet the needs of a more technologically advanced parent. We will provide tips on how to implement software that allows parents the ability to register their children and pay their invoices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will also discuss how you can leverage technology to generate more revenue for your organization.
Strand: Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development, and Quality

Our Kids Are Stressed Out. Yoga & Mindfulness to Support Children in Finding Their CALMM
Shawnee Thornton Hardy, Founder, Asanas for Autism and Special Needs, San Diego, CA  

Our children are stressed out. Anxiety, depression and mental health issues amongst children and youth are on the rise. When children are over-stressed it impacts all areas of their life including academics, social relationships, behavior and overall mental and physical health and well-being. This workshop will teach hands-on and interactive yoga poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness activities and visualization strategies to support children and youth in connecting to their own source of inner peace and finding their CALMM. Participants will come away from this workshop with ideas of how to incorporate “yoga and mindfulness breaks” and activities throughout the day in order to support children with body awareness and connection to their bodies, communication, and expression of difficult emotions, social skills and self-regulation. Learn simple tools and strategies to support children and youth in developing coping skills to ease anxiety and manage day-to-day stressors of childhood and adolescence.
DS, PK, E, M, H, HE
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

The Parent Paradox: Guiding Parents of Students with Social-Emotional Challenges to Promote Student Independence
Sharona Sommer, Director of Family Services, College Internship Program, Pittsfield, MA

This interactive session will explore various parenting styles and the effects it has on student outcomes. Using Baumrind’s Theory of Parenting as a springboard into more detailed parenting approaches, participants will develop an understanding into the parent’s perspective as they embark on the journey of the challenges parents of students with social-emotional challenges and/or ASD/LD encounter as they weave through the transition process. Participants will learn how to guide parents to shift their approach to promote student independence and self-advocacy. This session aims to build the skills necessary to create positive connections between parent, student and professional.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Playful Teaching Practices
Ezra Holland, Owner, The Holland Group, Surfside, FL

This workshop covers a broad range of activities, games and leadership principles, including promoting physical and psychological safety, getting attention, dividing teams and modifying activities. This presentation has multiple applications for program development, conflict resolution, group dynamics and employee team building.
MLA, DS, PK, E, M, H, HE
Strand: Staff Leadership

The Power of Play 
Phil Brown, Lead Trainer, High 5 Adventure Learning Center, Brattleboro, VT

In this workshop, you will experience play as a tool for engaging participants and look into what the latest research indicates about the relationship of play with regards to improved intellectual achievement, physical health and emotional well being. This workshop will highlight some of this research while engaging you in play! This workshop will include:  A range of games, icebreakers and initiatives centered on having fun and playing whilst improving our overall health.  An opportunity to play with like-minded individuals to help better understand the physical and mental health benefits of play, a look into how active games can be integrated into programs and curriculums, a brief look into recent research into the benefits of play. Come outside to the East Lawn ready to play!
DS, E, M, H, HE
Strand: Program Design, Development and Quality

Problem-Solving through Theatre: 21st Century Skills via the Dramatic Arts
Steve McCormick, Director of Education & Outreach, La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, CA; Pauline Crooks, Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator, San Diego County Office of Education, San Diego, CA

During this interactive workshop, participants will acquire techniques to add to their teaching toolbox by exploring activities which address the four C’s of 21st Century Skills. This sampling of a four-unit module commissioned by CCSESA’s Creativity at the Core Initiative, lays the groundwork for addressing problem solving through cumulative lessons that engage students while teaching them the skills to build understanding through collaboration, explore the role the body plays in communication, become critical thinkers while tackling abstract dramatic activities and freeing creativity through improvisation exercises. Aspects of this workshop feature content from the newly published Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Arts Learning Strategies in Action guidebook by CCSESA.
DS, CB, M, H
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Professional Learning Communities: A Path to Quality and Collaboration around SEL
Fausto Lopez, Senior TA Consultant, American Institutes for Research, Chicago, IL; Katie Brackenridge, Senior Director for Expanded Learning, Partnership for Children and Youth, Oakland, CA; Victor Gonzalez, Specialist, LAUSD-Beyond the Bell, Los Angeles, CA; Frank Escobar, Director, Student Services, Visalia Unified School District, Visalia, CA

Coming together to make a difference requires education partners to put aside differences and focus on commonalities. The current focus on social and emotional learning (SEL) creates an opportunity for alignment across settings within a school community. Schools and expanded learning programs are powerful contexts where SEL occurs and working together these two learning environments can impact young people’s social, emotional, and academic development. We will highlight promising practices in coordinating the alignment of SEL strategies across school districts and expanded learning programs. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from two district perspectives and will learn how effective facilitation of PLC activities can establish a collaborative culture, enhance cross-sector alignment, and develop collective responsibility.
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships

Program Branding with Spark: Storytelling + Community Connections
Monica Burns, EdTech & Curriculum Consultant, Class Tech Tips, LLC, Jersey City, NJ

In this session, EdTech and Curriculum Consultant Dr. Monica Burns will share strategies for sharing your school’s story with the low-cost, easy-to-use Spark tools. You’ll learn the basics of creating quick movies to show off student work, how to put together a webpage to get the word out about a special event, and simple steps for creating picture-perfect images for sharing on social media.
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships

Raising Kind Kids: Nurturing Lifelong Philanthropists to Share Time, Talent, and Treasure
Jill Gordon, Program Director, Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana, Indianapolis, IN

Are you looking for ways to inspire kindness, empathy, and youth giving back to their community through your programs? Attend this workshop to learn how youth can exhibit caring behaviors that impact the greater good by serving, giving, leading, and engaging others. This workshop will address the stable and predictable patterns for how youth become philanthropic, the familial, social and environmental factors that support the process, and the specific skills that can be enhanced to promote caring behavior.
MLA, DS, CB, PK, E, M, H, HE
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Reframing Conflict for Students of Color in Public Schools
Raul Alcantar, Program Manager, Oakland Leaf Foundation, Oakland, CA; Rayna Seuell, Programs Manager, Oakland Leaf Foundation, Oakland, CA

Throughout this training participants will be charged with the task to identify what oppression looks like, sounds like, and feels like in the context of public school classrooms. As a community, we will push past our moments of discomfort to reimagine what an emotionally safe program can look like for all students to learn and thrive. Participants will walk away with strategies and tools we co-create that will support in developing a culture where conflict situations become opportunities for growth.
DS, E, M, H
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Resilience Can Be Taught: 4 Keys to Unleashing Resilience
Christian Moore, Founder, Why Try Organization, Provo, UT

Resilience is something we’re all born with. Learn about vital skills of resilience and 3 keys to creating a resilient climate. This engaging presentation will empower you to deliver these skills to students of any background and learning style, enabling them to thrive not only in school, but in life.
Strand: Staff Leadership

Restorative Behavior Guidance
Sangita Kumar, Founder, Be the Change Consulting, Oakland, CA; Fong Marcolongo, Trainer & Coach, Be the Change Consulting, Oakland, CA

We all know the saying- the best offense is a great defense. This training focuses on the Building Intentional Communities Climate Builders – simple and creative strategies to co-create a vibrant community with youth with the values of fairness, peace and justice embedded into the core. Participants will learn strategies to prevent 80% of behavior issues from ever occurring, and intervention strategies to address isolated behavior issues using community processes.
ULA, DS, E, M, H
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Sandy Hook Promise: Know the Signs
Nicole Hockley, Managing Director, Sandy Hook Promise, Newtown, CT; Paula Fynboh, National Field Director, Sandy Hook Promise, Newtown, CT 

Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) is a national, nonprofit organization based in Newtown, Connecticut. We are led by several family members whose loved ones were killed in the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012 that claimed the lives of 20 first-graders and 6 educators. SHP is focused on preventing gun violence (and other forms of violence and victimization) BEFORE it happens by educating and mobilizing youth and adults on mental health and wellness programs that identify, intervene and help at-risk individuals.
Strand: Older Youth

Six Strategies for Creating a Community of Practice
Erin Hogeboom, Community Development and Network Strategy Manager, National Girls Collaborative, Seattle, WA; Casi Herrera, Programs Manager, National Girls Collaborative, Seattle, WA

Are you searching for a way to increase the capacity and impact of your program, while making some new friends along the way? Look no further! The National Girls Collaborative is pleased to offer an energizing session that will walk you through tested strategies for creating a Community of Practice!
MLA, CB, E, M, H
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships

Soccer for Success: A Proven 8-Step Process to Help Kids Establish Healthy Habits and Develop Critical Life Skills
Bruno Marchesi, Director of Strategic Expansion, U.S. Soccer Foundation, Washington, DC; Michael Vaughan Cherubin, Assistant Director of National & Regional Partnerships, U.S. Soccer Foundation, Washington, DC

The U.S Soccer Foundation has developed an innovative 8-step process as part of their Soccer for Success program. Participants will learn about the 8-step process to incorporate physical activity, nutrition education, mentorship, safe places, and community engagement. You will participate in hands-on demonstrations of our Soccer for Success 8-step process and will walk away with ideas and resources on how to apply this process to the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning Programs.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

S.T.E.A.M: The Rise of Entertainment Technology in Education
Ty Woods, Executive Director, Artportunity Knocks, Atlanta, GA

This workshop dives into the power that Entertainment Technology Has on the minds of the rising generation. We will discuss application of Music and Film Technology, Animation and Digital Media as means to achieving academic success.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Storytelling for Impact- Master Class
Mark Lovett, Organizer, TEDxSanDiego, San Diego, CA

Humans evolved as a storytelling species - from our earliest days around campfires, to the advent of books, newspapers, radio, television, and in more recent times, the Internet and social media. In an age of information overload the ability to craft a story that resonates has never been more important. Based on the principals of narrative nonfiction, we will discuss how to define the core message of your talk, how narratives should be structured, and how to increase the impact of your story.
Strand: Master Class; Program Design, Development, and Quality

TGIF! Thank Goodness Math Games Make It Fun for Grades 3-6
John Felling, Consultant, Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

New math games and old favorites will be included in this fast-paced, highly engaging session. Effectively using math games is an excellent teaching strategy especially on those days when students need a little extra motivation and engagement. Games use cards, dice, new math shakers, number lines, double dice and will cover the following concepts: place value, rounding, mixed operations, multi-digit operations, review of fact fluency, fraction and decimal equivalency and operations. Gameboards, student samples will be shared throughout as well as classroom management and differentiation strategies. Come prepared to play and get your afterschool math program rolling!
Strand: Exhibitor Showcase, Program Design, Development, and Quality

Trauma Informed Practices for Schools (TIPS)
Gabriela Delgado, Program Specialist, San Diego County Office of Education, San Diego, CA; Dr. Michelle Lustig, Director, San Diego County Office of Education, San Diego, CA

Becoming "trauma-informed" means recognizing that people often have many different types of trauma in their lives. This training will assist you in acquiring a greater understanding of the physiological impacts of trauma on the brain and the impacts on student behaviors. We will explore the lifelong impacts of trauma for students and strategies for creating trauma-sensitive schools and programs.
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

Ubuntu: How to Transform Your Programming with a Deck of Cards
Phil Brown, Lead Trainer, High 5 Adventure Learning Center, Brattleboro, VT

Using High's 5's own unique 54 card Ubuntu Card deck, this session will engage participants in adventuresome activities that can be easily transferred to any setting. Activity variations using the Ubuntu deck are perfect for K-Adult populations, small and large group sized, and can be played over and over again. Come outside to the East Lawn ready to play!
DS, E, M, H, HE
Strand: Program Design, Development and Quality

VSHAPE - An Australian Approach to Keeping ALL Children SAFE
Liz Weir, National Learning and Development Manager, Camp Australia, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Learn about Camp Australia’s Framework for the 6 key areas of Active Supervision- VSHAPE (Vision, Scanning, Headcounts, Anticipate, Positioning, Engagement)as an effective way to ensure children’s safety and prevention of injuries.VSHAPE for Active Supervision is also an essential component of quality programs by ensuring all children are supervised while allowing opportunities for educators to be engaged with individual or smaller groups of children so they are free to learn and explore in their environments safely.
MLA, DS, PK, E, M, H
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality

What the Health
What the Health is the groundbreaking follow-up film from the creators of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy. The film exposes the collusion and corruption in government and big business that is costing us trillions of healthcare dollars, and keeping us sick. What The Health is a surprising, and at times hilarious, investigative documentary that will be an eye-opener for everyone concerned about our nation’s health and how big business influences it.
Moderator: Daniel W. Hatcher, MPH, Director, Community Partnerships, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Washington, DC
Strand: Film Festival

You Gotta Laugh!
Clint Darr, Afterschool Educator, Missouri Afterschool Network, Columbia, MO

Laughter: the best medicine for all that ails us! Embrace the power of laughter, and how it can improve your out-of-school time program and energize you, your staff, and your students! Learn about the physical, emotional, and social benefits of laughter, and when not ROTFL, hear anecdotes, tips and strategies for using humor and laughter in your out-of-school time program as well as in your personal life, and practice laughter yoga techniques delivered by a certified instructor. If you want happier, healthier, more engaged students, then You Gotta Laugh!
MLA, DS, PK, E, M, H, HE
Strand: Program Design, Development, and Quality 


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