BOOST is hands down the Best Out-of-School Ed conference out there! Online or in-person, the attendees are engaging and engaged, energized, and bring so much to each workshop. The presenters are knowledgeable and engaging and I always leave with my head filled with ideas, information, and inspiration, and my heart overflowing with love and joy. Thanks again for creating such an amazing space for learning and professional development!

I liked there were so many choices and I picked classes most relevant to my job!

The atmosphere at BOOST is absolutely amazing. I have brought people to BOOST and they cried after attending. They were so overwhelmed with the love, support, and excitement. It is definitely a must-attend.

The conference was one of the best that I've been to in recent years. The content was well-aligned with my position, but moreover was inspiring and uplifting! It would have been a great conference to attend in person, and you can get that general sense of camaraderie from the attendees. I hope to attend again in the future.

The BEST Virtual Experience I have had. The workshop choices were fantastic, one of the BEST Inspiring Keynote Speakers ever! It was so perfect for this time.

Loved it!!!!

BOOST is like the Grammys... it is the best of the best. I am grateful to participate in this work.

Powerful, uplifting, informative, and joyful experience!

I'm so impressed by the hard work and planning completed by the BOOST Leadership team and their colleagues. Bravo to them for their generous donations of time and self to complete a great virtual event for the rest of us to partake in.

If you want to interact with some of the top people in this field and in the country, participate in BOOST.

Such an enormous team of talent! High-level energy! Innovation! Bravo!!

Thank you for the work put into the BOOST (Virtual) Conference. While we weren't together, the energy and excitement were still present!

The BOOST Team Rocks!

I enjoyed the conference. Thanks for the hard work.

I love the energy of the BOOST conference. It's fun!

The Conference was fantastic. My expectations were blown.....very well put together!

The conference was well done and presented a lot of great content. The app was easy to use and navigate.

BOOST conference was a great place to make new friends, get in contact with other programs and their mission, and tools/resources/strategies even though these events were virtual.

Awesome conference! Thank you for having a virtual conference so that we can still benefit from all of the wonderful workshops.

The conference was very helpful, easy to virtually participate in, and great presenters.

Hamish Brewer's speech was so inspirational! This was an excellent conference despite it being virtual.

A great BOOST Virtual Experience!

I love the conference! Thank you for making the most out of a virtual conference this year and providing the interaction we all needed in a safe way! :)

Thank you for making this possible--even in a pandemic year!

BOOST really offered themes that were quite on the pulse of current events this year and it was appreciated to be able to commiserate with people about topics that we are currently experiencing in our field.

It was put together really well and went smoothly.

As always BOOST is a great place to learn new strategies.

Motivational conference.

Amazing speakers and workshops- thank you!

Fantastic Webinars! Always love to attend!

Well done! Thank you for all your hard work! It still felt like BOOST even virtually!

Wonderful, amazing conference!

I thought that the conference was very well produced. The topics were very appropriate to our program and addressed both in-person and virtual after school programming.

They did an awesome job transforming it into a virtual conference!

For a first-time Virtual Conference, it was very well done!

 I thought everything was very well planned out. I learned so much too!

All knowledge shared created opportunities for growth- from thinking outside the box to learning about new resources to support our student education.

Loved the energy of the presenters and the participants.

I just love this conference and the community it fosters.

I appreciated the format of the virtual experience. It was nice to hear from "real" people who engage in youth development and have come through their experiences with success.

BOOST is always so beneficial for myself and my staff. We learn so much from the workshops and presenters, and the networking is invaluable.

This was my first time and I thought it was very well planned out and FUN.

I was so pleased with the conference and felt I took away many new ideas.

It was very interactive and stress-free!

BOOST, you did it again, this time virtual! Congratulations to a job well done!

This conference provided much-needed resources, ideas, and networking.

This was off the charts- thank you!

This conference was great! It was well organized and easy to access the sessions.

The virtual conference went very well and still provided valuable information and speakers even though it was not in person. Well done!

Thank you for making my first BOOST Conference experience enjoyable.

Loved the conference and was able to meet up and talk with other program staff and organizers across the country.

Was glad I had the opportunity to attend BOOST this year. What an amazing job on going Virtual.

I love BOOST, your team did an awesome virtual BOOST! I look forward to networking in person in the future.

I have always found the BOOST Conference beneficial, I sent 16 staff members this year and will continue in the future.

Virtual BOOST is REAL.

Thank you for ALL that you do to help us. BOOST is the number 1 training in the nation. See you next year!


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