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I have attended many conferences over the past 20 years and BOOST is my Number 1.

The BOOST Conference allows attendees to learn, reflect, and connect with other professionals in the OST field. The workshops, keynotes, presenters, and diverse and relevant resources pump my creative juices and inspire brainstorming and team building ultimately leading to program improvement. I attend conferences throughout the school year and this conference, by far, has the BEST energy, rich in content, and creates a sense of community. BOOST embraces our journey in youth development and gives you the spark of hope and positivity, just as the year-end burnout creeps in. Thank you BOOST for every intentional and purposeful detail, this conference experience is magnificent!

Thank you for always organizing a great conference. It sure has grown!

I really enjoyed this conference. My second time attending and I always come back with plenty to share with my staff and kiddos!

Attending BOOST was a wonderful experience and I am forever changed.

Such a well thought out conference- well-staffed, quality workshops, extended activities, quality vendors...I was very impressed.

Thank you for putting on this fantastic event year after year!

I loved BOOST this year more than last year! I love hearing speakers that relate to our youth and to us as educators, it makes it that more meaningful to be part of the movement.

Thank you for a wonderful week filled with fun and entertaining classes.

Thank you for all your hard work organizing the conference. It's always a great experience.

I really appreciated the focus on engaging attendees in both informal and formal ways. There was something for everybody, and different personalities could be engaged in different but meaningful ways.

I love this conference. Love being able to network and learn from others.

Great outstanding conference! Always walk away with something positive from the BOOST CONFERENCE!

Thank you for continuing to think about how to normalize conversations of equity at this conference.

The conference was awesome…just like the first year I attended.

Thank you for making everyone so welcome. It is great to see what a difference everyone is making in our youth's lives!

The BEST conference for educators in the country! Thank you for doing this.

Great job, once again. Thank you for a great week, I'd been looking forward to it all year!

Great conference app and a variety of workshop sessions. I also enjoyed the Happy Hour networking event on Wednesday evening with the singer/performer.

Love the energy of this conference! It is so well organized and so fantastic- THANK YOU!!

We know BOOST is leading the way in professional development! Everyone wants to be like you! THANK YOU!

My team and I bonded, learned, and grew- thank you for the opportunity.

This was an amazing 1st experience and if my director doesn't pay for me next year, I'm still planning to come back.

I was so impressed with the conference that I would love to become apart of the volunteer planning team if that is possible. As renewed, excited an energized as I became, I just don't want it to end. To have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals was such a big bonus for me.

This conference is amazing. I had first-timers tell me this is the best conference they ever attended. The finale is very high energy. It gets better every year. It’s like a great big family reunion!

I think it's the best conference I've ever been to.

Thank you and the leadership team- you did a great job.

This was by far one of the best conferences I've ever attended.

This was a life changing experience and I will be back next year!

I learned so much and had a great time and feel so re-energized for the end of the year.

Truly enjoyed the conference! I plan to attend next year! Thanks to everyone involved in the conference that had something for everyone and ran very smoothly!

Best conference for amazing people to come together and help mold brighter futures for our children.

Awesome Conference, I hope to keep coming for years to come.

I loved it all & the community of Palm Springs too! My first time to California & it was way more than I expected!! Loved the atmosphere, the people, the shops, & the street fair!! I CAN’T WAIT for next year & it’s only been 3 days! Thanks for all the work that was put into this big event. All this and my 300 littles will be the ones who will benefit the most from my trip to the conference. I’m already planning for next years after school clubs. I’m excited just thinking about next year!!!

There was so much variety at the conference and the networking events are so creative.

BOOST conference motivates to do my work better and gives me many tools to develop skills that make me more efficient in my work.

This conference is well structured and highly informative.

Love, love, love this conference.

This is my favorite conference. I always have so many takeaways.

This is my second time attending BOOST and each was amazing and well worth the travel. I come back with a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

The conference was very inspiring. I learn a lot of valuable information.

BOOST was resourceful and engaging. I walked away with a wealth of knowledge, resources, and connections.

I welcome the enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of the conference team.

It was a beautiful time to rejuvenate, meet like-minded people, learn things to take back to our school, and enjoy time for collaboration.

Huge shout out to the planning committee for one. This was my first time attending BOOST (I have attended multiple national conferences for other organizations) and I would come back and will tell my colleagues to pick BOOST. Wednesday was one of the best conference days I have ever had. Keynotes were amazing, sessions were awesome. WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!

Great conference, gets better every year!

Absolutely loved it, ready for next year!

Absolutely fantastic conference full of energy and positivity.

This was my first year attending, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who works with children, youth, or families.


I attended in 2017 and enjoyed the conference. However, this experience was so much better. My sessions were amazingly impactful and fired me up to return to work!

I love BOOST and consider myself a BOOSTER!!

Very organized and well put together. Best conference I have attended.

It's more than a conference! It's a real community of practice in action!

It's always a refresher and re-motivator to attend with a team and to learn new things. The networking is always a lot of fun too!

BOOST is great! It's great for networking with people from around the country and the globe, the content is good and the BOOST staff is inspiring. I always enjoy this conference!

Thank you, for everything. Every year I learn something new. An exciting endeavor, that I collected the best from this conference.

I have been coming back year after year to BOOST to learn about the latest trends and needs in the OST community, to connect with leaders in the field, and fortunately, to present a workshop on NASA STEM education materials for the OST field. BOOST has evolved over the years into one of the most useful, fun, and relevant conferences in the field, attended by passionate leaders from many types of high-visibility organizations serving and caring for the welfare of children. I am moved by the open caring and spirit of service that is so prevalent at BOOST. The staff is so helpful and open to conversations that making connections with them is easy and fun.

Absolutely loved my first conference with BOOST! I walked away feeling refreshed, re-energized, and more confident; not just in my work life but in my personal life.

Wonderful conference, thank you for everything you do!

Loved the keynote speakers and the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals from around the state/nation. The networking for me was one of the greatest aspects of attending BOOST.

Well organized and smoothly run. Attendees were friendly, engaged, and happy.

It is amazing to see so many faces from all over the map, and connect in such a grand way!

I was pleased with the vast amount of workshop offerings and of course, you can not beat the location.....Palm Springs.....WOW!

I just want to be a part of this for years to come... it was incredible.

Great, stimulating and motivating conference and group of people!

I enjoyed the conference from start to finish! It is always motivating!

This is the best conference I go to.

I really enjoyed the conferences positive vibe throughout and the genuine conversations, thoughts, and ideas that were shared.

The conference provided uplifting and positive spirit for what we do. Very encouraging. Plenty of vendors that provided things that could benefit our program.

Thank you very much for all your hard work in making BOOST an amazing experience!

The entire conference was amazing. It was truly a life-changing experience for me.

BLT you did an amazing job. Thank you for all your hard work.

Really GREAT experience. It was my first time attending and I really hope I get the opportunity again next year. It's always amazing to see how many after school professionals there are across the world and how passionate we are about helping our youth thrive every day.

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