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Meet the Authors

virtual-stamp.jpg Meet the Authors

Join our virtual Meet the Authors events at this year's BOOST Conference. Learn more about their book, participate in a live Q & A with the Author, and receive a signed book jacket at the end of the event.

 Wednesday, April 28


Dr. Andi Fletcher AndiF1

Dr. Andria "Andi" Fletcher
Consultant, Sacramento, CA

Lessons in Leadership: Sharing the Vision, Shaping the Future- Drawing on 25 years of working closely with hundreds of leaders at all stages of their development, Lessons in Leadership: Sharing the Vision, Shaping the Future focuses on proven approaches to achieving your leadership potential and making a bigger difference in the world than you thought possible. Each chapter provides you with new and exciting ways to add lasting value and meaning to your work and your life, and to the lives of others as you co-create the future together.

Thursday, April 29 


Justin McGlamery  Focus Your Locus book cover Justin McGlamery

Justin McGlamery
Chief Locus Focuser, Focus Your Locus Teambuilding, Training & Development, Hartford, CT

Focus Your Locus presents theories and activity groupings that can be used by counselors, teachers, experiential educators, and facilitators to return individuals or whole groups to a more focused frame of mind. By understanding locus, or the center of control within, we can learn to increase our abilities to control our own energy. This helps all of us positively contribute to achieving the goals of the groups we are in. The methods presented here can be used to frontload learning, to sustain group momentum, to energize initiatives, and to provide new streams of insight during processing.

Stu Semigran round  making the best of me

Stu Semigran
President & Co-Founder, EduCare, Van Nuys, CA

Making the Best of Me is a comprehensive collection of practical and enjoyable Social Emotional Learning activities designed to assist youth in developing self-esteem and life skills. Written for use by teachers, counselors, and youth group leaders, this valuable handbook includes an introduction on the adult's role in building self-esteem. Chapters and interactive exercises cover the topics of self-esteem, teambuilding, communication skills, personal responsibility, achieving excellence, reaching out to one's family and community, and personal journal writing.

Dr. Kathleen Van Antwerp   I Cant Come To School Today 2nd Edition

Dr. Kathleen Van Antwerp and Senta Greene
Dr. Kathleen Van Antwerp, Co-Executive Director; Senta Greene, Co-Executive Director, Full Circle Consulting Systems, Inc., Ventura, CA

I Can't Come to School Today. My Mom's In Prison and I Don't Have a Ride- Dr. Kathleen Van Antwerp returns with the second edition of her highly inspiring and enlightening book, "I Can't Come to School Today. My Mom's In Prison and I Don't Have a Ride". Dr. Van Antwerp, along with Senta Greene, two leading experts in educational and social justice reform using the science of child and adolescent development, is excited to share and explore with you the second edition of the book. The book features timeless, cutting-edge thinking that further captures the heart and embeds practical and powerful strategies for first reaching, then teaching the "at-risk" child. The authors bring meaningful reflection exercises, mindful practices, and evidence-informed research for increasing personal-professional effectiveness to respond to children living with or in trauma.

KishaLynn Elliott  Childish KishaLynn Elliott

KishaLynn Elliott
Director, Program Evaluation and Restorative Practices Trainer, Monarch School, San Diego, CA

CHILDish- Her childhood was filled with domestic violence, school bullies, and sexual confusion. Then, a grown man leads her astray, delivering astonishing heartbreak that leaves her searching for salvation.
Author KishaLynn takes us on a journey that begins as Kisha—a thornless rose growing from concrete—learning how to live life on her own terms. The only child of a teenage single mother, KishaLynn emerges as a resilient teenager, destined to triumph by any means necessary. 
CHILDish is a cathartic chronicle of growing up as a poor, black, queer, female millennial. Its pages are filled with heroic honesty and poetic words that are infused with a perfect balance of pain and humor.
CHILDish is not a children’s book. 
This is a coming-of-age narrative that every woman and man should read for their own healing. You’ll leave it wanting revenge for little Kisha and craving more stories from KishaLynn. Fortunately, the journey doesn’t end here—CHILDish is only part one.

Christian Moore  The Resilience Break Through Christian Moore

Christian Moore
Founder, WhyTry Organization, Provo, UT

The Resilience Breakthrough- A Guide to Resilience: How to Bounce Back from Life's Inevitable Problems. Christian Moore is convinced that each of us has a power hidden within, something that can get us through any kind of adversity. That power is resilience.

In The Resilience Breakthrough, Moore delivers a practical primer on how you can become more resilient in a world of instability and narrowing opportunity, whether you're facing financial troubles, health setbacks, challenges on the job, or any other problem. We can all have our own resilience breakthrough, Moore argues, and can each learn how to use adverse circumstances as potent fuel for overcoming life's hardships.

As he shares engaging real-life stories and brutally honest analysis of his own experiences, Moore equips you with twenty-seven resilience-building tools that you can start using today--in your personal life or in your organization.


Meet the Authors contact

If you have any questions about our Meet the Authors event, please contact:

amira 2017 

Amira Resnick, BOOST Leadership Team Lead
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