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General Information

 virtual-stamp.jpg BOOST Nation: Town Hall


BOOST NATION: Town Hall meetings are informal public meetings scheduled throughout the conference with national leaders. Everybody in the out-of-school time community is invited to attend, voice their opinions, share issues and challenges, share promising practices, and hear responses from public figures and elected officials about shared subjects of interest in your community.

Note: All workshop times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

WEDNESDAY, april 28

10:30AM - 12:15PM PDT

Expanding Student Success: The State of Expanded Learning in California
Michael Funk, Expanded Learning Division Director, California Department of Education, Heather Williams, Program Director, Policy & Outreach, California AfterSchool Network; Sacramento, CA

We live in a very different world than the last Town Hall two years ago. Join us for a reflection of where we’ve been since then and the unique opportunity of significant investment into afterschool and summer learning at both the federal and state levels. We will discuss how we might leverage and build on our existing work and structures to meet the moment and advocate for a more permanent reimagination of the role of Expanded Learning, to support our children, youth, families, and communities. We will share up to the minute updates on state and federal policy and its implications for our Expanded Learning systems. Michael and Heather will also host 3 leaders from the field to share their expertise and vision for this opportunity. Join us for an interactive discussion with time for Q&A. Learn and discuss the Expanded Learning plan for the upcoming year. It is filled with promise and possibility. 

2:00PM - 4:00PM PDT

Fostering Protective Factors in Children and Youth: Making an Impact That Can Last a Lifetime
Dan Gilbert, Sr. Program Manager; Nikki Yamashiro, Vice President of Policy, Afterschool Alliance, Washington D.C.; Eric Johnston, Executive Director, Todos Juntos, Washington, D.C.; Regino Chavez, Director of Evaluation, LA's BEST, Los Angeles, CA

Recent brain research has revealed that every child has great potential and that the brain has a high level of malleability from birth through adolescence and into adulthood. Throughout their lives, afterschool and summer learning programs provide unique opportunities for youth to develop skills that will help them grow into healthy, capable, responsible adults. Join us for a lively panel discussion featuring perspectives from research and practice and learn more about how youth development programs can focus on developing the skills, behaviors, and beliefs that children and youth will need to thrive.


10:00AM - 12:00PM PDT

Maximizing the “New Found” Potentials of Adolescence in Afterschool and Summer Programs
Terry K. Peterson, Ph.D., Education Consultant, Mott Foundation and Senior Fellow, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC; Femi Vance, Ph.D., Researcher, American Institutes for Research, Oakland, CA  

If you work with middle school and high school youth this session is for you! For many years the primary focus for many in the learning field (both in school and in expanded learning) has been early childhood development and "reading on grade level” by the end of elementary school. These topics are important, but they leave out the needs of youth 12-18 years of age. Recent studies and promising practices tell us a lot about how critical adolescent years are to our life trajectories. “Although adolescence is often thought of as a time of turmoil and risk for young people, it is more accurately viewed as a developmental period rich with opportunity for youth to learn and grow,” declared a 2019 report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Additionally, early findings from a UC-Irvine study indicate the gains from high-quality early childhood experiences may be multiplied by high-quality afterschool experiences in middle and high school. This session will explore these new and exciting scientific findings and how opportunities and partnerships in afterschool and summer can be better designed and delivered to maximize this “new-found potential.”

1:00PM - 2:15PM PDT 

Young, Educated, and Diverse...We Think
Aleah Rosario, Senior Specialist, Workforce Initiatives, California AfterSchool Network, Sacramento, CA; Leslye Lugo, Program Specialist, California AfterSchool Network, San Francisco, CA

A lack of comprehensive understanding of the afterschool workforce limits our ability to design programs and policies that best support them. Hear about early efforts to advance the workforce in California, and help build national momentum around defining, understanding, and promoting afterschool as a robust and viable career pathway. Leave with knowledge and tools to move us all toward the recognition and professionalization that the afterschool workforce deserves.

3:00PM - 4:30PM PDT

Raise Your Voice: Engage, Advocate, and Make Afterschool a Priority in your Community and Across California
Jennifer Peck, President & CEO, Partnership for Children & Youth; Jen Dietrich, Director of Policy, Partnership for Children & Youth, El Cerrito, CA

What does your program need to address the challenges it’s facing? What are the funding and policy opportunities for youth and families in your community? With an infusion of state and federal funding that can be used for expanded learning, now is the time to engage and advocate for your students, families, and staff. Join the discussion and shape California Afterschool Advocacy Alliance’s (CA3) priorities to sustain, improve, and grow afterschool and summer programs in California. You’ll also get practical tips for building support and accessing funds for your program in your community and in the State Capitol.
CA3 led prior campaigns to secure and protect an extra $100 million for California’s state-funded afterschool programs and helped shape this year’s $4.6 billion in state funding for expanded learning opportunities and interventions. 

BOOST Nation: Town hall Contact

Have any questions or suggestions for a BOOST Nation: Town Hall meeting?


Heather Williams, BOOST Leadership Team Lead
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Note: All conference workshops and events will take place in PDT. Please be sure to check your time zone so you are able to participate live

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