Raise Funds with a GoFundMe campaign

GoFundMe is an online platform where you can raise money through your personal network of friends and family for an event or cause. When the campaign ends, you can transfer the money you raised into your bank account to fund your cause.

We are providing step-by-step instructions on how to create a GoFundMe campaign for the BOOST Conference, including everything you need to make it easy.

Use this guide if you plan on attending the BOOST Conference and you want to offset the cost of registration, travel expenses, accommodations, and other add-ons, such as Pre-Conference Academies, Master Classes, purchasing a Duck Duck BOOST Team, bringing a Student Entertainment group to BOOST, or student entrepreneurs and designers for our Innovation Alley.

Disclaimer: Using this program is voluntary. We’ve created this for your convenience to help remove financial barriers to attending the BOOST Conference. We hope it works for you.

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How to create a GoFundMe campaign

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 Step 1: Create an Account
  • Go to
  • Select ‘Start a GoFundMe’
  • Here you’ll need to create an account using your email address or your Facebook account.
  • In the case of GoFundMe, you will most likely want to share your campaign on Facebook. We recommend you link this campaign to your Facebook account.
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 Step 2: Create Your Campaign

Once you’ve created your account, click ‘Start new campaign’. The first screen will prompt you to complete several fields. Here’s the breakdown on each:

The intent of this program is to provide you with a means to fundraise to cover the costs of attending the BOOST Conference. It’s important to be transparent about this, which we’ll come back to in the ‘Story’ section.

To set your financial goal:

  • Estimate your travel and hotel expenses.
  • Add your conference registration fee.
  • Add any additional expenses you expect to incur (food, rental car, parking, incidentals).

Tips on setting your goal:

  • Your travel expenses should be realistic.
  • Your donation goal should exceed your travel expenses.
  • Make it an even, compelling number.
  • Make it a stretch, but achievable.
Here are a few examples (costs listed below are averages, conference registration is based on our standard rate):
GoFundMe Costs Driving 2025   GoFundMe Costs Flying 2025

updated June 2024

*Based on Federal Reimbursement Rate of $0.67 per mile, 200-Mile Radius from Palm Springs, CA
**Hotel Tax based on 11.5% of estimated accommodations
***Roundtrip Average based on Popular Mid-West and East Airports. Departing Average from: Wichita, KS - ICT, Chicago, IL- O'Hare Terminal, Washington, D.C.-Reagan National
****Based on Economy Car Rental from PSP/LAX
*****Based on $5/Gallon Rate; estimated mileage from PSP/LAX
******Estimate to off-set the cost of GoFundMe’s transaction fee (2.9% plus $0.30 per donation)

Visit travel sites like and to help estimate travel costs

Campaign title
The first thing your friends and family will see is the title of your fundraising campaign. What will make them want to see more? Here are a few tips for your title:

  • Make it compelling.
  • Communicate what you’ll be doing.
  • Hook your reader so they will want to learn more.

Here are a few examples:

  • Help send me to the BOOST Conference
  • Give the Gift of Professional Development
  • Help me BOOST my Career
  • Help BOOST my Professional Development

Who are you raising money for?
There are only two options here and you will need to select “Myself or Someone else,” as this is not a fundraiser for a non-profit or organization.

Your ZIP code
Use the zip code for where you (or your program) are located.

Choose a category
For this section we recommend Education & Learning, as this is the primary reason for your attending BOOST.

Fundraise as…
You have two options here, either as ‘An individual’ or ‘A team’. To start with, we recommend fundraising as an individual. You can turn on team fundraising later if you choose. Team fundraising may be helpful if you are planning to attend BOOST with other co-workers and want to combine your fundraising efforts.

Your page may look something like this:

GoFundMe 2

You are well on your way to starting a fundraising page for the BOOST Conference!

BOOST sunburst Step 3: Add a cover photo or video

Upload a photo to the cover of your GoFundMe page that will show what you are raising funds for. GoFundMe suggests an image size of 550 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall. You can also embed a public video from your YouTube channel if you wish.

We have provided some promotional downloads under the Media section of our website. We also have more photos and videos on our Facebook page that you can use, or, add photos from your previous trips to BOOST or from your program (Note: only include pictures of children if their parents have signed a photo release).

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 Step 4: Customize Your Campaign Story

This is an opportunity to tell your story, as well as express the broader impact that the BOOST Conference has on you and the in and out-of-school time field. Use bold font, add a link to the BOOST Conference webpage, and add photos or videos.

We provided you with images, photos, and videos that you can use for the introduction. Here’s a suggested breakdown of your story.

Use an Opening Statement
Provide a quick opening statement to get the reader’s attention and quickly summarize your campaign. You want this to be clear, concise and compelling.

Explain the Broader Impact
Let people know why you want to attend the BOOST Conference. Have you attended in the past? What will the benefits be to you and the youth you serve if you attend?

Tell Them About The BOOST Conference
Provide some details about the BOOST Conference. We’ve provided an example you can use:

The BOOST Conference is the largest, most recognized, and comprehensive global convening for after school, expanded learning, and in and out-of-school time professionals.

  • Networking and team-building opportunities - more than 2,500 global in and out-of-school time professionals
  • More than 175 exceptional workshops to help you learn and grow
  • The latest trends and research in innovative and quality in and out-of-school time programming
  • In-depth learning sessions through our 1-day Pre-Conference Academies
  • Opportunities for targeted conversations and learning through Inspiration Station Workshops
  • Master Classes taught by world-class experts of a discipline
  • BOOST Nation: Town Hall - public meetings with national leaders and public figures
  • Connections with over 100 Exhibitors sharing the newest resources, products, and services to enhance your programs
  • BOOST Film Festival featuring films highlighting relevant topics in the education field including issues relating to today's youth
  • Options to earn transferable college credits through the University of California, Irvine (UCI) Extension
  • Opportunities to experience guest speakers, authors, special events, and entertainment that will inspire you to create change

You can also check out our ‘Accolades’ page for some great reasons to attend BOOST!

Tell Them Why You Want to Attend BOOST
Make it personal. Why is it important for you to attend BOOST? What will the experience provide for you?

Provide a Breakdown of Your Goal
Provide a clear, transparent breakdown of where the funds you raise will go. Having already calculated your goal in Step 2, you should be able to provide a table or summary. Here is sample copy to go along with your summary:

GoFundMe Costs goal

Your campaign is ready!

BOOST sunburst Step 5: Launch Your Campaign

GoFundMe provides excellent tools and tips for sharing your campaign and maximizing your donations. Follow the recommendations provided, including email and text, to get the most out of your campaign.

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 Step 6: Share Your Campaign on social media

Tag us on social media and use the #boostconference hashtag in your posts.



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