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Woodcraft Rangers

A Future of Excellence: Elevating and Evolving the Standard of Expanded Learning


Woodcraft Rangers Since 1922 

Step into a future of excellence with our innovative workshop series, A Future of Excellence This dynamic program is designed to inspire and empower educators, facilitators, and education enthusiasts to redefine and amplify the landscape of learning. As we navigate the ever-evolving realm of education, this series delves into cutting-edge strategies, transformative pedagogies, and the latest advancements in technology to revolutionize the way we approach expanded learning.

Wednesday, May 1


ELOP 2.0: How to Build a Program from Good to Great!
Julee Brooks, Chief Executive Officer, Woodcraft Rangers, Los Angeles, CA

CA is three years into ELO-P implementation, and for programs that now have a base established to meet requirements, now is the time to go from good to great! With the flexibility that allows every LEA to create a program that is right for their community, the possibilities are endless but really developing high-impact programs that weren’t previously attainable requires creativity and vision. Hear from two very different models about how they are getting creative in partnership to deliver excellence.
Strand: Woodcraft Rangers; Program Design, Development & Quality; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Sustainability 


The Next Frontier of Inclusion: Creating Programs Where Youth with Developmental Disabilities Thrive
Danny Salas, Chief Programs Officer, Woodcraft Rangers, Los Angeles, CA

Access for children of all abilities is a goal many expanded learning programs share, but creating an environment that allows for the full participation of young people with developmental disabilities can seem daunting. Over the last year, Woodcraft Rangers in partnership with California Regional Centers to build out a large-scale Inclusion Initiative so young people with I/DD thrive at every program site! Learn about our approach to partnership that can serve as a model for other programs.
PK, E, M, H, ULA, MLA, DS 
Strand: Woodcraft Rangers; Program Design, Development & Quality; Partnerships & Building Relationships

Thursday, May 2


Unlocking Staffing Stability: Creating a Compelling Employee Journey To, Through and Beyond 
Eliana Mancilla, Associate Director of Learning and Development, Woodcraft Rangers, Los Angeles, CA 

Staffing continues to be the greatest struggle for expanded learning programs and yet, staffing stability is the foundation to truly achieve program success and efficacy. Woodcraft Rangers has achieved a remarkable level of staffing stability during volatile times by focusing on culture and strengthening every phase of the employee journey. Learn how recruitment, retention, training, culture, and investing in long-term personal and professional growth can create stability in your program too. 
PK, E, M, H, HE, ULA, MLA, CB 
Strand: Woodcraft Rangers; Program Design, Development & Quality; Staff Leadership; Sustainability


Whole Child
Andres De La Peza, Chief Strategy Officer, Woodcraft Rangers, Los Angeles, CA 

At Woodcraft Rangers, the Woodcraft Way is a core philosophy that has guided the agency for more than 100 years and is based on Indigenous wisdom as represented in the medicine wheel. With an equal focus on body, mind, spirit, and service, Woodcraft Way understands that the maturity and development of the whole child is the aim of education. Come learn how Woodcraft Rangers’ has honed this over decades and how it is embedded today in the agency’s curriculum, programmatic structure, and culture. 
PK, E, M, H, HE, MLA 
Strand: Woodcraft Rangers; Program Design, Development & Quality; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Older Youth

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