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Building Capacity in Expanded Learning with ELO-P Funding

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With the increase in ELO-P funding, how do we build capacity in the field to close opportunity gaps? As we see an increase of funding in the field, our efforts to work towards educational equity as partners and providers in the educational space has great potential! One of Think Together's biggest goals with this new funding is to challenge ourselves to build our capacity and ability to support marginalized communities by investing in individuals as we strive to change the odds for all students.

Wednesday, May 1


Think Together, Grow Together: PD, Retention, and Leadership
Crystal Robinson, Ed.D., Director of Organizational Development and Learning Development; Taylor Mayer, M.A., Talent Development and Learning Manager, Think Together, Santa Ana, CA

This session will focus on leveraging professional development to increase staff retention and grow the next generation of leaders. Participants will learn about Think Together’s approach to PD through capacity building and its impact on leadership development and retention. Participants will spend time connecting with other leaders to assess their current PD approaches, learn new strategies, and plan next steps.
Strand: Think Together; Staff Leadership 


BOOSTING Family & Community Engagement at Your School Sites 
Breanna Herrera, Family & Community Engagement Coordinator; Aimee Rodriguez, Family & Community Engagement Coordinator; Sara Orellana, Family & Community Engagement Coordinator, Think Together, Santa Ana, CA; Joel Salazar, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, Think Together, Santa Ana, CA 

As we work to support families and communities, it is critical that we approach this support in a way that builds the capacity of our field and empowers leaders at each site. Join us for an in-depth dive into how we build the capacity of those we support and take a linguistically and culturally responsive approach to family and community engagement. Participants will leave equipped with tools, strategies, and resources to enhance family and community engagement initiatives at their school sites.
PK, E, M, H, CB, DS
Strand: Think Together; Partnerships & Building Relationships 

Thursday, April 27


Attracting & Retaining Top Tier OST Talent
Holly Perry, MBA, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition; Allison Lyon, Director of Talent Acquisition; Think Together, Santa Ana, CA

The hiring demand for entry-level positions is still surging in 2022, and candidate behavior continues to evolve in a post-COVID world. This presentation will highlight what the future of talent acquisition looks like and creative ways to engage candidates to join the field of expanded learning.
Strand: Think Together; Staff Leadership; Sustainability 


Expanding Student Self-Awareness and Career Exposure with Find Your Grind
Juan Pablo Vásquez Varela, M.Ed., Director of Student Impact, Think Together, Santa Ana, CA; Eric Sarb, Account Executive; Erika Somogyi: Senior Customer Success Manager, Find Your Grind, Los Angeles, CA

We often ask our students what they want to do without asking them who they are or what motivates them. Find Your Grind is an innovative software platform that asks students to think about who they are before they decide what they want to do. Think Together has partnered with Find Your Grind to implement intentional career and opportunity exposure. Learn what steps we took to integrate Find Your Grind into a unit of study for students and where you can take students with this digital resource.
Strand: Think Together; Program Design, Development & Quality; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Older Youth


College and Career Success for All: Partnering with AVID to Change the Odds in Expanded Learning
Juan Pablo Vásquez Varela, M.Ed., Director of Student Impact, Think Together, Santa Ana, CA; Dr. Trent Mohrbutter, Program Specialist, AVID for Higher Education, AVID, San Diego, CA

AVID and Think Together have developed a program that integrates AVID strategies for building relational capacity, developing student skills, and fostering student agency. Learn about the structures, systems, and conditions for success in bringing AVID into the expanded learning systems of supports for students, and get a chance to explore some of the tools and resources that have been developed to support an odds-changing program that prepares students for college and career success.
Strand: Think Together; Program Design, Development & Quality; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Older Youth

Friday, May 3


Cultivating Meaningful Partnerships at Every Level
Moderator: Johanna Lizarraga, Executive General Manager, Think Together, Santa Ana, CA 
Panelists: Veronica Vallejo: Site Program Manager, Think Together, Palm Springs, CA; Samira Mejia: General Manager, Think Together, Riverside, CA; Ricardo Molina: Quality Assurance Coach,  Think Together, San Jose, CA; Maria Bolivar, Director of Program and Operations, Think Together, San Gabriel Valley, CA 

Partnership is essential for the success and vitality of the expanded learning industry. As our industry and funding expand, organizations must cultivate meaningful partnerships at every level. From site staff to regional leaders, success comes from a holistic approach to relationship building.  Join us for a hybrid session featuring practical tools and resources to improve partnerships followed by a panel of diverse leaders from the field sharing their best practices, experiences, and advice.
PK, E, M, H, MLA, CB, DS
Strand: Think Together; Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships


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