LEARNING CURVE: Confessions of a Special Ed Kid

knowles-learning-curveWritten and performed by
Jodie Knowles

A powerful and moving one-woman play that tells the true story of a kid growing up in the special education system. This performance is honest, raw, and emotional and gives validation to those that often feel alone and different. Told from a personal perspective, Jodie hopes that all educators, teachers, school counselors, parents, activists, and civic leaders begin to understand the lived LD/ADHD experience, not only the academic struggle, but also the social and emotional reality that students in Special Ed go through every day. She explores the school-to-prison pipeline, over-diagnosing, medicating, isolation, segregation and expulsion of students while breaking the silence of shame and stigma around these issues.

“It’s time to create real change in our school system and this starts with sharing our experience and having brave conversations with the public.” – Jodie Knowles

Luminous Minds Project is on a mission to find and help Luminous Minds labeled/diagnosed with Learning Disabilities/ADHD. We are a grassroots organization that provides emotional support, diverse representation and validation to the LD/ADHD experience by building a community of inclusion and connection. Teaching the power of narrative, we place storytelling at the center of our mission for restorative justice and radical social change.

Luminous Minds Project advocates for inclusion, awareness and tolerance through artful conversation starters. We will confidently and proudly tell our stories to bring awareness, break stigma of myths and false representations about people with Learning Disabilities/ADHD.

Luminous Minds Project gives healing and recovery to youth and adults that have been put on an unfair educational track. 

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It is time to tell our side of the story. 

Bring Learning Curve to your community to foster awareness and start artful conversations.



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