About Lead Retrieval 

1stSales will be providing optional lead retrieval service to our exhibitors!

You will receive a small battery-operated scanner to gather contact information from your booth visitors, add your own lead qualifying data, add notes and plan your follow-up. All of this information will appear in a spreadsheet you receive the morning after the hall closes.

The following Monday, 1stSales will send attendees a list of the exhibitors who scanned them. This list includes your profile: logo, marketing message, contacts and links to your website, social media links, and uploaded sales collateral.

Call Howard Kroymann 800-959-4313 x801 if you have additional questions.

Order today: https://1stsales.com/signup/boost 

BOOST Lead Retrieval Frequently Asked Questions

What does this service provide? Within 24 hours after the conference:

You will be emailed instructions for downloading an Excel spreadsheet containing your booth visitors' contact data (name, organization, address, phone and email) and your own custom lead qualification data 

Lead Sheets will be emailed to you and/or co-workers for selected "Hot" leads.

Attendees will be emailed a list of the exhibitors who scanned them and a link to a page showing ALL exhibitors. This list includes your organization name, your website address, your logo, up to two contacts (name/phone/email), a 50-word marketing message, your full social media network (links to your face book page, YouTube video, etc.) and links to up to 4 documents (white papers, case studies, company brochures, product literature, etc)

How does the system work? On move-in day, come to the 1stSales counter (near exhibitor check- in or exhibitor services) to receive:

A small, portable badge scanner. Point this scanner at the badge barcode and click the button to capture the contact record. It requires NO power in the booth and will store 10,000 scans without recharging

A customizable Lead Qualification card. Hand-label barcodes on the card throughout the show and then scan these barcodes to add your own custom lead qualification information, follow-up plans, lead rating and scheduled calls to your spreadsheet. You will also use this card to ask that a "Hot" Lead Sheet be emailed to yourself and/or a co-worker. Return this card with your scanner so the 1stSales staff can move your custom data into your spreadsheet

Sheets segmented into individually bar-coded note-cards. Hand-write your note and scan the note- card barcode to attach the note to your lead.

A 5-minute training on all the above. Learn more about this service and how to plan your lead qualification by visiting https://1stsales.com/pdf/ReadMore.pdf

What is the cost of this service?

1stSales charges $275 for the basic service which includes the use of one scanner, all the customization described above, and a full year to download your leads. This price goes up to $325 on April 18 and $350 on site.

Can I get additional scanners for a very busy booth or concurrent session tracking?

Yes. Additional scanners can be reserved for just $100 each.

When and where do I return the scanners?

Scanners and your customized Lead Qualification card are to be returned to the 1stSales counter in the first hour of booth tear-down.

How do I order?

Visit  https://1stsales.com/signup/boost 

I have other questions. Who do I call?

Howard Kroymann, 800-959-4313 x801 - Pacific Time


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