Inspiration Station Workshops are an informal way to bring together a small group to share perspectives about specific area(s) of interest. Hosting an Inspiration Station is a great opportunity to share best practices, discuss new ideas, get feedback through a focus group, or offer a Make-It, Take-It session. There is NO COST for conference attendees and exhibitors to facilitate an Inspiration Station workshop. Inspiration Station workshops can accommodate 8-10 attendees and are held within the Exhibit Hall. 

Joining an Inspiration Station is a chance to learn something new, outside the traditional workshop setting, and to join groups of your peers who share similar challenges, questions, and ideas that you have. It's a great chance to build connections and create opportunities for collaboration.

The 2023 Inspiration Station application is now open. 

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2022 BOOST Conference Inspiration Station 

Wednesday, April 26

10:30AM - 11:15AM

Station A

Claymation for Mindful Self-Expression and Fun
Jamie Parganos, Executive Director, Creative Muse, Brooklyn, NY 

Create your own short animated video in this fun workshop for anyone involved with direct service for elementary, middle-, or high-school-aged youth. Learn about clay and create personality with basic movements, all using basic materials from around the house. Claymation gives youth the opportunity to create and self-express using a mixture of tangible and digital materials that helps them stay mindful with tech.
CB, DS, PK, E, M, H

Station B

Design Thinking Mini Institute 
Sri Narayanan, Co-Founder, Kodely, Bay Area, CA

Kodely, bridges the gap between tech literacy education and the real-world & we're the first design thinking expanded learning provider in California! Design thinking is a methodology for creative problem solving.The goal of this inspiration station is to share design thinking practices & processes! We welcome anyone interested in learning or incorporating design thinking, as well as those who are already using design thinking & want to further deepen their practice. 
MLA, CB, DS, PK, E, M, H, HE

Station C

How to Manage ELO-P Stress-Free
Helen Wang, CEO and Co-founder, 6crickets Expanded Learning Management Solutions, Bellevue, WA

ELO-P adds 850 hours(!) of support per student per year. With tremendous funding, it comes with great responsibilities … and challenges. At this interactive Inspiration Station, we will share best practices from districts that have successfully launched their ELO-P programs, highlight key strategies and approaches to overcome staffing challenges, and present robust solutions and modern tools that can help you manage and deliver a quality and efficient ELO-P, stress-free!

Station D

Esports Jeopardy!
Sabrina Spadafino, Director of Academic Services, Mastery Coding, Thousand Oaks, CA

Come play Esports Jeopardy, win prizes, and learn more about academic esports in the after school space.
MLA, DS, E, M, H

Station E

The Great Math Escape
Mary Curry, Math Enthusiast, MANGO Math Group, Palm Desert, CA

Come find out if you have what it takes to escape the conference hall in this great math escape.  See if your team can answer the math problems to get the code to escape. Great fun for all, emphasizing teamwork, critical thinking skills, and MATH!!! 

Station F

Finding Your SPARK Through Stress and Overwhelm
Nicole Wilson, Community Programs Manager, The SPARK Initiative, Brandon, FL

Join us for this make-and-take session where you will learn to find your unbreakable SPARK and leave ready to inspire the youth you serve to do the same. In this session, we will be demonstrating activities that teach important emotional management skills, and you will leave with teaching tools such as; snow globes and thought chains to easily implement what you learned to those you work with when you get home.
MLA, DS, E, M, H

Station G

Field Excursion Time! Let's Get K-12th & SPED Students Outdoors Loving STEM and Collecting Samples 
Elizabeth Hunter, Volcanologist, Curriculum Innovator, STEMTaught, Bakersfield, CA

Field Excursion time! Let's explore the campus and see how you can get your K-12th graders and SPED students outdoors loving STEM and collecting samples! We will work with some simple tools that heighten the discoveries. As a volcanologist, I decided to step into K-12 education and I love innovating resources that help keep students' curiosity and love for learning alive. Come discover the world that lives in a drop of water or what a flower, some dirt, or a rock looks like close up.
MLA, DS, CB, E, M, H

11:30AM - 12:15PM 

Station A

Transforming Young Minds Through Hydroponics and STEM Education
Lalu Bere, Brand Vice President, Fork Farms, Green Bay, WI

Hydroponic farming is an engaging way to help students discover the power of fresh food. Research shows that by growing their own food, kids are more likely to be interested in and to consumer vegetables. Learn how Fork Farms combines biology, technology, engineering, and language arts activities with the Flex Farm hydroponic farm to create a cross-curricular learning tool that will benefit your students' health into the future. 

Station B

Unleashing Your Power to Promote Positive Change
Mariana Lopez Quintanilla, Program Director, Bay Area Community Resources, San Francisco, CA

We all have the power to promote change when we recognize what we value and believe in ourselves. As professionals in the OST field, we impact thousands of students and families every day, but if we are not compassionate and courageous, we might miss the opportunity to be effective role models for our staff and the kids we serve. In this interactive session, you will practice identifying your inner capacity to lead in a transformational way.
MLA, CB, DS, PK, E, M, H, HE

Station C

Playing for KEEPS, Fun Activities for Math, and Reading Essentials
Rich Stuart, Product Specialist, Learning Wrap-Ups, Layton, UT

Attendees will play with and KEEP Hands-On and Self-Correcting materials that help their students master the basics of elementary math and reading. 

Station D
Station E

Ali Martin, Partnership Manager, Professor Egghead Science Academy, Glendale, CA

Explore the creative and thought-provoking world of  LEGO™ through this unique and exciting  LEGO Serious Play™ session guided by Los Angeles pioneers of fun, Professor Egghead Science Academy. This Inspiration Station is designed to provide adults and students of all ages with the building blocks for stronger communication while enhancing creativity and collaboration skills. This hands-on interactive experience will unlock your imagination and allow the discovery of new perspectives that you can take with you to your next class or meeting.

Come join us in this fun dynamic experience that will leave you with a spark of inspiration!

Station F
Station G

Engaging Students in On & Offline Spaces
Raynee Russell, Operations Manager, Global Kindness Initiative, Paradise, CA

Come learn Best Practices for supporting youth both for in-person & Virtual Learning Environments. Learn tips and hands-on activities to:

  • Create dynamic curriculum to re-engage disenfranchised youth
  • Create strong classroom cultures by building relationships & creating Group Agreements.
  • Incorporate Youth Leadership to increase youth engagement & voice.
  • Receive tips and advice tailored to your program and needs!


2:45PM - 3:30PM

Station A

Iterative Processes - Scaffolding for Reluctant Artists in Middle and High School Classrooms
Hiep Nguyen, Art Director, Circle Painting and Draw All You Can, Riverside, CA

Beginning students artists often struggle with confidence and negative self-talk relating to their skill level or ideation abilities, especially in choice-based, middle and high school classrooms.  Discover how adding artmaking algorithms (“recipes”) can inspire reluctant students to explore artmaking through the lens of problem-solving and iterative processing.

Station B

Station C

Play On Words
Jane Felling, Consultant/Author, Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Come prepared to play our favorite literacy games that integrate literacy dice, letter tiles, and word decks.  Great ideas for building vocabulary for all elementary students.  The handout will contain gameboards that you can use first thing back at school. 

Station D

Station E

Lynne Ann S. Fox, MA.Ed., MS.Ed., Global Educational Developer, Innovator, Strategic Planner, and Coach, FranklinCovey Education, New Hope, CT 

Have you thought deeply about how the role of extended learning, both in summer and after school, should be different than the regular school day?  Or how we can bring older and younger students together in experiences that foster synergistic growth and development? Come and discuss the powerful concept of TEACH to LEARN as students LEADit!

Station F

The Literary Portal
Andre Lewis, Owner, Literary Engineers, Benicia, CA

Providing internet access to customized literature, workbooks, resources, inspirational videos, and much more!

Station G

Rockin' Robots 
Jan Zatloukal, Instructional Designer, PCS Edventures!, Boise, ID 

Calling all programmers and music makers! Take the helm of Sphero indi robots on a guided tour through this STEAMtastic fusion of music and robotics. If crafting musical instruments and solving a melodic coding challenge sounds fun, then Rockin Robots is the station for you! 

Thursday, April 27

10:00AM - 10:45AM

Station A

Customer Service - Apologizing for Things That Aren't My Fault With a Smile
Jennifer Moorehead, Founder/CEO, Science Explorers, Mohnton, PA

How do you artfully handle demands, yelling, and respect parents and their opinions? Strong customer service can create better relationships and foster a better sense of community within your school or organization. Let's share our experiences, challenges, and success stories and encourage each other as we navigate difficult customer and parent experiences. 

Station B

Tips & Tricks to Inspire the Next Generation of STEAM Creators
Kate Hay, Customer Success & Sales, Piper Learning Inc., San Francisco, CA 

Stop by the Piper Inspiration Station for a hands-on experience and discussion about teaching STEAM and inspiring the next generation of STEAM creators. Using the California Afterschool Networks (CAN) framework for quality STEM learning in Expanded Learning Programs, we will have tips on how to develop a sustainable / multi-year STEM/STEAM program for 3rd-8th grade students. Full STEAM ahead with Pip & Piperbot!

Station C

Using Magic to Help Kids Think of OTHERS!
Brian South, Creative Director, Magic Explorers, Payson, UT

Learn 3 simple magic tricks that you can start using right away to engage kids and have more fun! More importantly, discover how learning magic builds confidence, creativity and communication skills! Our unique program encourages kids to think of others and see things from others perspectives.  Come learn how to make amazing kids appear through Extraordinary Fun! 

Station D

The Walking Classroom -- How it Works, Why it Works, and Why It Is a Great STEM Resource, Too
Debra Ives, Director, Business Development, The Walking Classroom, Durham, NC 

Walking while listening to Walking Classroom podcasts is a great way for kids to get introduced to a STEM topic. This experience is suitable for kids in grades 3 - 8.  We will go over a sample STEM podcast and the supplemental resources provided.  A Discussion Guide makes it easy to lead post-walk discussions that not only cover the podcast topic but also address the embedded character values – a useful SEL support.  Attendees can go for a walk listening to one of the 60+ STEM podcasts!
MLA, CB, DS, E, M 

Station E
Belief in the Power of Young People- Equity Work

Samuel Blanco, Community Partnership Manager, City Year Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 

As educators, we are committed to tapping into the power of young people and supporting their development, helping build more equitable access to limitless opportunities. Attendees will participate in equity-based activities that will explore the variety of challenges students may be coping with, the effects of those experiences, and how that can inform our approach and work with them. Participants will dialogue about how they have experienced inequity and what can be done to combat it. 
DS, E, M, H

Station F

Bricks: The Ultimate STEM Manipulative
Ryan Byard, STEM Program Specialist, PCS Edventures!, Boise, ID

Join us as we break out the brick manipulatives and discuss how they can be used as an engaging hook to teach any subject. We'll build a tractor from the PCS Edventures STEAMventures collection, and then share our "recipe" for extending from brick builds to math, English language arts, science, social studies, and 21st-century skills. Take a sneak peek inside our Farms curriculum for K-3 and brainstorm curriculum ideas that can be brought back to any learning environment.

Station G

From Rookie to Veteran to the Staff Everyone Will Love
Juan Alvarado, CEO and Founder, Raize the Bar, Visalia, CA

I want to work with you! If you are a new(er) staff or lead and this is your 1st year or up to your 3rd year working in ASP/ELO-P I want to help you become the BEST staff at your site. This session is for individuals who want and need help with having those perfect walking lines, a productive homework room, and an environment where you are confident in your work and abilities. 

11:00AM - 11:45AM

Station A

Raising Self-Esteem through Physical Activity
Jess Wadleigh, Physical Activity Specialist, Skillastics, Corona, CA

Let's Move and Have Fun! Learn some simple activities to play with your kids to help raise self-esteem, all while having fun! Come ready to participate in instant activities as well as activities that explore conflict resolution and academic integration!

Station B

Connect to Nature with Science Action Club
Rachael Van Schoik, Science Action Club Program Manager, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA

Get inspiration from spiders to design and test your own indestructible web and explore ways to inspire environmental action among middle school youth. From Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida, Science Action Club partners with schools, museums, and community organizations to help students experience joy in nature and learn how science works, so they can protect the places they love.

Station C

Pronoun Button Making 
Maria Garcia, Program Manager, Rainbow Labs, Los Angeles, CA 

Join us in making personalized pronoun pins and learn how to create a more inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ youth. The Trevor Project national survey has shown that the third highest way LGBTQ youth reported feeling supported is by having adults use their correct pronouns. Join us in making personalized pronoun pins and learn how to create a more inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ youth. The Trevor Project national survey has shown that the third highest way LGBTQ youth reported feeling supported is by having adults use their correct pronouns.

Station D

Station E

Station F

Magic, Puzzles, and Wonder to ex-SEL!
Mikayla Oz, CEO/Founder, The Magician School, West Des Moines, IA

Become inspired and inspire others as you learn Magic, Create Wonder and Receive FREE Things with The Magician School! This 45mins will fly by as we go over how magic relates to Social and Emotional Learning, learn a fun magic trick you can do for a whole classroom or team building session(NO Supplies needed) and try a fun puzzle that builds teamwork and communication skills.
MLA, CB, DS, PK, E, M, H

Station G

Global Service and Learning for a More Just and Joyful World
Brandon Blache-Cohen, Executive Director, Amizade, Pittsburgh, PA

Global education is nearly universalized for wealthy young people. They travel the world, they are heavily impacted, and they articulate their experiences on their resumes and on their college applications. Don't the young people you work with deserve the same opportunities to be disrupted by the world and make their marks in their own neighborhoods? This station will focus on approaches to make global service and learning possible for those in your community.

1:15PM - 2:00PM

Station A

Lesson Planning Made Easy
Curlen Phipps, Partner,, Fresno, CA

The latest innovation in expanded learning offers a new world of lesson planning using AI. This opens up opportunities for tutors and paraeducators to create and tailor lesson plans to individual students and their areas of interest. Passionate instructors who genuinely love what they teach are key to a successful learning experience. Creating structured and guided lesson plans can be time-consuming and frustrating, but AI-generated lesson plans provide a solution to get started quickly. 

Station B

We're In This Together: Community Efforts for Learning Recovery in Public Schools in Central America 
Camila Acevedo, Regional Education Associate, Glasswing International, San Salvador, El Salvador

Glasswing will share our experience implementing Remedial Education programming, using Teaching at the Right Level methodology aimed at students from 3rd-6th grade in public schools in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. To ensure success, Glasswing has integrated key actors such as teachers, family, and community members as volunteers. Participants will learn about implementation stages, program results, measurement, resources, best practices, and community involvement in learning recovery.

Station C

Station D

MLB Players STEM League - STEM Champions in the Making
Rebecca Wong, Director of Programs, Learn Fresh, Philadelphia, PA

Sneak peek into the MLB Players STEM League Program. MLB Players STEM League program is a dynamic experience that features a baseball board game and community events that allow students and educators to explore fundamental STEM and social-emotional skills through the game of baseball. Join us to see how you can bring this free program to your students and community!

Station E

Station F
Station G

Purposeful Music and Movement
Mark Turner, Founder & CEO, Dr. Mark Studio, Nacogdoches, TX

Are you searching for different ways to energize your kids? Have your go-to transitions lost their appeal? Do you want to increase your kids' exposure to the arts? Then, this little session will give you ways to 1) get your kids thinking and moving mindfully and purposefully,  2) support their music and dance education informally 3) and help their communication skills. #drmarkstudio, #listenmovethink, #music, #dance, #ilovethisidea

Inspiration Station contacts:



Suzanne Hill 
iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Inspiration Station Workshop FAQS

Who can host an Inspiration Station?

Anyone who attends the BOOST Conference can facilitate an Inspiration Station workshop. In order to be eligible, you must be registered for the conference and paid in full. Once you have registered and paid, you are eligible to submit an application to host at Please note we are only able to accept one application per agency.

How much does an Inspiration Station cost?

Hosting an Inspiration Station workshop is free for all registered BOOST Conference attendees, presenters, sponsors, or exhibitors.

Do I have to register for the conference to host an Inspiration Station?

Yes. Inspiration Station workshops are accepted and scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, based on your registration status. You must be registered and paid in full for the current year's BOOST Conference before your application is accepted and your Inspiration Station workshop is scheduled. 

Where and when do Inspiration Stations take place?

Inspiration Station workshops take place in the Exhibitor Hall at round tables on Wednesday and Thursday of the conference. There are three different 45-minute time slots on each day that happen concurrently with workshop sessions. Take a look at the Exhibit Hall map to see where Inspiration Station tables are located.

What are PROMISING PRACTICES for Inspiration Stations?

Great Inspiration Station workshops start with a shared interest. Are you a Middle School leader looking for inspirational ideas to engage your kids? Do you work with students with special needs and need strategies for making your program more inclusive? Are you trying to develop a measurement and evaluation plan for your organization? Use your Inspiration Station to collaborate with other organizations on the same mission. 

Inspiration Stations are also an opportunity for BOOST Conference presenters to continue the conversation from their workshop, whether it be more in-depth to the topic of your workshop or another area of expertise you can offer BOOST Conference attendees.

For BOOST Conference exhibitors, Inspiration Stations are a great way to receive feedback on user interest for their product. With the help of BOOST Conference attendees, you can develop more ideas for possible or existing products and strategies for using the product more effectively. 

How are Inspiration Stations selected?

Inspiration Station workshops are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we receive your application, we will confirm your registration and that your account is paid in full. We will then assign you your preferred time slot based on availability. Please note we are only able to accept one application per agency.

What A/V is provided for Inspiration Stations?

We are unable to provide A/V for Inspiration Station workshops. Presenters must provide their own laptops, LCD projectors, DVD players, CD players, speakers, and internet connection, as well as any additional workshop necessities. If additional Audio Visual equipment is needed, you may order this prior to the conference by completing an A/V Request form. This form is available a few weeks before the conference and can be obtained by contacting the Inspiration Station Coordinator. Note: There is no electricity provided at Inspiration Stations.

Please note: Name badges are required to attend all BOOST Conference events including meals and workshops.

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