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Fulfill the Dream - SEL Certification 

(*you must attend the entire 8 hours to become certified)
$150 per person includes lunch, all materials, certification, and discounted license (space is limited)


Bringing culturally relevant social and emotional learning (SEL) to your students through the only online Hip-Hop(e) SEL program that embraces mindsets, cultural diversity, equity, and social justice for middle and high school students.

The top ten careers last year didn't exist six years ago, and research suggests that 50% of high school students will end up in a job that doesn't exist yet. So with these realities in mind, how do we prepare young people, particularly young people of color, to have the skills to thrive in the 21st century? Our answer is that we must engage youth in culturally relevant ways, and that we can demonstrate how their culture(s) already embody the critical, creative, and social and emotional competencies required to create, and enter into the careers of tomorrow. Hiphop culture, not to be confused with hiphop industry, is a movement that was created by high school students of color that not only became a global movement but also became a billion dollar industry that in turn created hundreds of new careers. Spurning innovation in the fashion industry, media industry, architecture, education, and even health care; Hip-Hop culture embodies both the mindsets and skills necessary for youth to thrive now. Using hiphop culture as a case study, we have created a culturally relevant, social and emotional learning curriculum that engages youth to think critically, to act creatively and work collaboratively in effecting change in their communities. Fulfill the Dream was named one of the top programs to look out for in After-School Today in 2016, and it helped the YMCA-Cincinnati after school association to be named the top after school association for the YMCA nationally. We have now digitalized our curriculum, and are offering our first national certification at BOOST.

This certification training will help educators and youth development professionals, both veterans and beginners, understand both the theoretical and practical methods to engaging youth to go from surviving to thriving. Combining best practice in social and emotional learning, culturally relevant pedagogy, and social justice youth development; participants will learn the engagement practices necessary to make Fulfill the Dream come to life in an out of school time setting. These ideas can also be applied to a number of settings outside of the program. Further, all participants will receive a Fulfill the Dream certification, and gain access to free curriculum, and an opportunity to gain a discounted license giving them access to a curriculum portal with over 10 courses of material to use to engage youth from Kindergarten to College. In a day and age where funders are investing millions into cultivating social and emotional learning and 21st century skills in youth, yet there is very little research and training available in doing this in relevant and equitable ways, it is time to learn the research and have the practical tools needed to take our programs and youth engagement to the next level.

Roberto-RiveraRoberto Rivera, Chief Empowerment Officer, 7 Mindsets, Chicago, IL

Roberto Rivera is an artist, educator, and change agent who specializes in applying best practices in engaging youth using practical and relevant methods. He is also the Chief Empowerment Officer at 7 Mindsets Academy.

He received his undergraduate degree at UW-Madison where he created his own major entitled "Social Change, Youth Culture and the Arts." He received his master's degree at UIC in Youth Development with a focus on Social Justice, Urban Education, and Hip-hop. He currently is the President and Lead Change Agent of the Good Life Org., publishing multi-media educational tools and training educators, youth workers, and parents in connecting positive youth development to community development.

His experiences working in the field of community-based popular education over the last decade have won him awards from former president Bill Clinton, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, and others. Despite these accolades, Roberto sees his work as giving back, since being labeled "at-risk" and "disadvantaged" as a teen himself, his relationships with key educators and youth workers helped him to turn his life around.

Roberto's presentations are unique in that they not only include scientific-based research, but also include his own stories of transforming from a dope dealer to a hope dealer, and working with communities around the nation. His unique ability to code-switch from sharing research and data to stories and poems leaves audiences standing with enlightened minds and moved hearts.

He is also a proud husband and father, and sees being a good dad as one of his life-long goals.



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