Exhibitor Showcase Workshops

Exhibitor Showcase workshops allow companies 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, or 2-hour block of time to promote, showcase, demonstrate and present their products and/or services in a workshop setting during the BOOST Conference. Large Exhibitor Showcase workshops are facilitated in a large breakout room in the Palm Springs Convention Center off of the Exhibit Hall with capacity for up to 125 participants with 100 chairs placed around the perimeter, and plenty of active space for lots of movement. Small and medium Exhibitor Showcase workshops are held in standard breakout rooms with both active space and round tables, accommodating 40-50 attendees. You must be a registered BOOST Conference Exhibitor to present an Exhibitor Showcase workshop.

Joining Exhibitor Showcase workshops gives attendees a chance to learn about new products and services in the field and how they can be best utilized in today's youth programs. 

Wednesday, April 26

10:30AM - 12:15PM

Elementary Math Games Using Dominoes and Dice
Jane Felling, Consultant & Author, Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Come prepared to play our favorite Box Cars games that incorporate the use of easy-to-find dice and dominoes. Games are highly engaging to students and are perfect for after school math activities. Games will focus on operational fluency and place value concepts.  Throughout the workshop participants will receive ideas on how to differentiate the games to meet the needs of all students, including special ed and ELL. Gameboards and ideas for management will be shared. 
Strand: Small Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development & Quality

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2:45PM - 4:45PM

Today's Tools for Tomorrow's Leaders: Entrepreneurship for 21st Century Learners
Kelsey Neff, Director of Curriculum; Barry Schwartz, Vice President, Startup Smartup, San Francisco, CA

Entrepreneurship equips 21st-century learners with the skills needed to thrive in a global economy and build Social Emotional competencies. In this workshop, participants learn the basics of entrepreneurship and engage in active observation to solve problems. Participants leave with the right tools AND the right mindset to foster the next generation of leaders.
Strand: Medium Exhibitor Showcase; Older Youth

Startup Smartup logo

Thursday, April 27

10:00AM - 12:00PM

ALL HANDS ON DECK: Planning, Organizing, and Implementing a Family Math Games Night
John Felling, Consultant/Author, Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Family math game nights build strong family and school partnerships, connect family engagement to student learning, and are just plain fun! Participants will receive the tools to plan and host their own night. Participants will receive planning documents, ideas for themes, and advertising. After sharing the tools needed, be prepared to play an hour of our favorite card and dice games that we use at every math games night. Student and family favorites games will be included in your handout. 
Strand: Small Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development & Quality; Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships

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Ice Breakers, Warm-ups & ACTION! Team Games
Andy Tupy, West Senior Territory Sales Manager, Gopher, Owatonna, MN

Gopher Sport will be leading participants through a workshop focused around a few of our newest activities! We won’t just be playing games though, we’ll also be showcasing some great classroom management and skill development pieces you can take home and implement in your class. Get ready to sweat, learn and have some fun!
Strand: Large Exhibitor Showcase; Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships

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1:15PM - 2:30PM

Building Equitable After-School Programs that Improve Student Literacy
Jessica Manning-Acebo, Solutions Manager, Lexia Learning, Austin, TX

Join us to learn how to build equitable and sustainable after-school programs aligned to your structured literacy goals. Hear from Hemet USD (2022 CA ELV Award winners) share how the district leveraged funding and people resources to build a program that engages students in high-quality, evidence-based interventions through ELO-P grant funding. Discover tips on how to enlist curriculum teams and community stakeholders, train non-credentialed staff, and engage in dialogue around sustainability.
Strand: Small Exhibitor Showcase; Staff Leadership; Sustainability; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

Lexia Logo

KiwiCo STEAM Kit Demonstration
Emma Zang-Schwartz, Account Manager; Douglas Morataya, Account Manager; KiwiCo, Mountain View, CA

Come join us to see our STEAM kits in action, ask questions, interact with the kits in a class setting, and claim your free sample! We will be hosting a demo implementing our K-12 STEAM learning kits. Our team will be walking through the crates step-by-step as we all work to build the kits together. We will highlight various aspects of the crates and engagement opportunities from our supplemental materials. Plus, there will be recommendations for expanding on the kits over multiple days.
Strand: Medium Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development & Quality

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3:45PM - 5:15PM

Friday, April 28

9:15AM - 11:15AM

Large Exhibitor Showcase workshops

 large exhibitor showcase

MEDIUM Exhibitor Showcase workshops

medium exhibitor showcase 

SMALL Exhibitor Showcase workshops

 small exhibitor showcase

Interested in presenting an Exhibitor Showcase workshop?

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