Creative Youth Development: Leading Edge Practices Fueling Youth Engagement

Creative Youth Development is in an unprecedented era of program innovation, cross-sector partnerships, and funding diversification. In this series of workshops, leaders from across the United States will share their pioneering work, including in CYD and social justice; new, youth-report assessment tools; initiatives supporting creative career pathways; and collaborations with sectors including health, education, and juvenile justice.

Creative youth development (CYD) is a recent term for a longstanding theory of practice that integrates creative skill-building, inquiry, and expression with positive youth development principles, fueling young people’s imaginations and building critical learning and life skills.

High-quality creative youth development programs are essential pathways for young people to experience and pursue their interests in the arts. Whether you are CYD-curious or a seasoned CYD practitioner or stakeholder, this is your opportunity to connect with the dynamic field of creative youth development.

The Clare Rose Foundation, in partnership with the Creative Youth Development National Partnership, is proud to host the first BOOST creative youth development workshop strand.

Workshop Topics:

  • The Creative Youth Development Movement: Connecting with National, State, and Local Progress
  • On the Leading Edge of Assessment: Pioneering Tool on Social & Emotional Development and Creative Potential in Individual Youth and Across Programs
  • Youth-Centered CYD Program Design
  • Toward A More Just Society: Creative Youth Development Leadership in Social Justice & Civic Engagement
  • Trust & Innovation: Successful Partnerships Supporting Positive Outcomes for Youth
  • Economic Opportunity for Youth: CYD Leadership in Creative Career Pathways and Workforce Development
  • High Impact Storytelling that Respects Youth, Builds Compassion and Garners Support

Wednesday, May 1 

10:30AM - 12:15PM

 2:45PM - 4:45PM  

 Thursday, May 2

 10:00AM - 12:00PM

 1:15PM - 2:30PM

 3:45PM - 5:15PM

 Friday, May 3

9:15am - 11:15am 

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BOOST Collaborative | 1286 University Ave #739 | San Diego, California 92103 | 619-23-BOOST (619-232-6678)