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 Creative Youth Development: Leading Edge Practices Fueling Youth Engagement

Creative Youth Development is in an unprecedented era of program innovation, cross-sector partnerships, and funding diversification. In this series of workshops, leaders from across the United States will share their pioneering work, including in CYD and social justice; new, youth-report assessment tools; initiatives supporting creative career pathways; and collaborations with sectors including health, education, and juvenile justice.

Creative Youth Development (CYD) is a recent term for a longstanding theory of practice that integrates creative skill-building, inquiry, and expression with positive youth development principles, fueling young people’s imaginations and building critical learning and life skills.

High-quality creative youth development programs are essential pathways for young people to experience and pursue their interests in the arts. Whether you are CYD-curious or a seasoned CYD practitioner or stakeholder, this is your opportunity to connect with the dynamic field of creative youth development.

The Clare Rose Foundation, in partnership with the Creative Youth Development National Partnership, is proud to host the first BOOST creative youth development workshop strand.

Wednesday, May 1 

10:30AM - 12:15PM

Rise of the Creative Youth Development Movement: Connecting with National, State, and Local Leaders
Heather Ikemire, Chief Program Officer, National Guild for Community Arts Education, New York, NY; Matt D’Arrigo, Director of Creative Youth Development, The Clare Rose Foundation, San Diego, CA; Anita Walker, Executive Director, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Boston, MA

Creative Youth Development is a recently coined term that unifies a longstanding, intentional practice that integrates the arts learning with youth development principles. In these out-of-school time programs, young people create original work and apply their creative skills to solve problems, shape their lives and build the world in which they want to live. Hear from student participants and national leaders about the impact of this emerging field and how it aligns with the priorities of allied youth sectors, including afterschool, juvenile justice, college/career readiness, and more. Discover local/regional networks and resources to incorporate CYD principles in policy and practice.

2:45PM - 4:45PM  

Youth-Centered Program Design: Ensuring Youth Voice, Engagement, and Impact
Nicole Amri, Program Director; Jon Hinojosa, Artistic | Executive Director, Say Si, San Antonio, TX; Peter Rogovin, Project Director, The Wallace Foundation, and Managing Director, Next Level SMG, Pleasantville, NY; Lee Shepard, Senior Director, Youth Development, Strategy Execution, Boys & Girls Club Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

One of the core principals of CYD is ensuring youth voice and youth-centered program design. What is it? Why do it? How? How does a model CYD organization do it and how is a Boys & Girls Club doing it? Join us for the research, the case study, and the OST program working to implement the findings. In this session, participants will reflect on youth-voice in their organizations, discuss barriers and ideate real-world application.

Thursday, May 2

10:00AM - 12:00PM

Towards A More Just Society: Creative Youth Development’s Leadership in Social Justice and Civic Engagement
Ashley Hare, Co-founder; Gizela Hernandez, Student, RE:FRAME Youth Arts Center, Phoenix, AZ; Dairrick Khalil Hodges, Founder, The SOULcial Workers, San Diego, CA

CYD programs work across sectors to engage youth in creating artistic and cultural work that aims to inspire and activate social change.  In this workshop, participants will hear from CYD youth leaders and their adult accomplices on how they have embedded the core CYD values into their programming: racial equity and social justice, youth voice, and collective action.

1:15PM - 2:30PM

Creative Youth Development Outcomes: Measuring Impact on Social-Emotional Development and Creative Potential
Julie Kendig, Founder, RISE Research, San Diego, CA; Rachelle Archer, Social Emotional Learning Coach/Expressive Arts Specialist, Monarch School, San Diego, CA

In this workshop, participants will learn about an original longitudinal study that examines social-emotional development and creative potential among participants in Creative Youth Development organizations. The study includes 416 youth, ages 9—24, from 8 organizations in San Diego, CA and uses a pre-post-post research design. In addition to hearing preliminary findings from this study, participants will learn about current trends in creativity measurement and will have a fun opportunity to test their own creativity. Additionally, we will take a close look at the two instruments being used in the San Diego study—the Holistic Student Assessment developed by Dr. Gil Noam at Harvard’s Partnerships in Education and Resilience (PEAR) Institute and the Runco Creative Assessment Battery developed by Dr. Mark Runco’s Creativity Testing Service.

3:45PM - 5:15PM

Better Together: The Power of Successful Partnerships in Supporting CYD Outcomes for Youth
Matt D’Arrigo, Director, Creative Youth Development, The Clare Rose Foundation, San Diego, CA; John Gabriel, Director of Education, San Diego Opera, San Diego, CA; Macedonio Arteaga, Founder, Izcalli, San Diego, CA; James Halliday, Executive Director, A Reason To Survive (ARTS), National City, CA

Whether it’s designing a program that will provide exceptional artistic opportunities for youth that provide a richer, deeper experience or building a cross-sector coalition to strengthen organizations and a field as a whole, partnerships hold the key to success.  No one can do it alone. In this interactive workshop you will hear from several case studies of successful partnerships, how they were forged, the key elements and attributes that make them successful, and learn how to identify and build strong, healthy partnerships in your own community.

Friday, May 3

9:15am - 11:15am 

Economic Opportunity for Youth: CYD Leadership in Creative Career Pathways and Workforce Development
Erik Holmgren, Program Manager, Creative Youth Development, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Boston, MA; Christina Turner, Director of Education, New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA

Out-of-school time Creative Youth Development programs around the country serve as a bridge between systems of education and the workforce.  Young people who participate in these programs develop identity, confidence, and creative problem solving, all of which are essential for a successful transition to professional life.  This session will highlight innovative examples of CYD programs across the United States that have successfully created partnerships and programs to prepare young people to succeed beyond their walls.

Storytelling for Impact
Nick Szuberla, Executive Director, Working Narratives, Willimgton, NC

Narratives are central to how people make sense of the world around them and therefore a powerful tool for influencing individual decision-making and behavior. The narratives your organization tells about itself, its work, its impact, and its connection to larger social issues and movements can engage and inspire diverse stakeholders to take actions that advance your organization’s mission and fuel change. Narratives are built from the stories your organization tells. In this workshop, we will develop strategies for gathering and sharing stories that advance your organization’s goals.  Through hands-on exercises will provide strategies (including specific platforms and technologies) for shaping and re-shaping your organization’s narrative in ways that center participants’ voices, distill complex ideas, and amplify your impact, and help you begin to develop a story-based communications strategy that efficiently utilizes your organization to move others into action. The workshop will leave you with ideas, practical strategies, replicable models, and outlined actions plans for using storytelling in your work.

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