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Level Up Your Youth Development - Taking Your Program Practice to the Next Level

Level Up Your Youth Development: Come join Be the Consulting team to Level Up. In the fast-paced digital world, this is the time to level up your practice to introduce new innovative strategies to support your young people. In this strand, we will look at how we can continue to build the youth development movement and build capacity to support practitioners in the field. We have workshops to Level Up on supporting generational change, behavior management, social-emotional learning, cultural competency, and an internal training team.

Wednesday, April 29


Level Up: Behavior Management and Restorative Justice to Re-Frame Conflict
Fong Marcolongo, Director of Training and Capacity Building, Be the Change Consulting, Oakland, CA

This is an advanced workshop for leaders who have already introduced restorative circles, leveled intervention strategies, and PBIS tools into their programs. Most of us have seen that the tools alone are not enough to make a difference. For a restorative approach to discipline to take hold, practitioners need the deep empathy and perspective skills to reframe problematic behavioral choices as un-met needs, name emotions, and stay grounded through the process.

In this session, we will practice re-framing conflict, and shift our questions from asking 'what rules were broken' to 'what harm was done and what is needed'. This session builds on the youth development principles of engagement, skill-building, and community involvement. Participants will learn simple and creative strategies to prevent conflict, intervene during conflict, and restore relationships after conflict, and then consider what it takes to institutionalize this type of mindset shift program or system-wide.
MLA, DS, PK, E, M, H, HE


Level Up: Supervision for Effective Employee Development to Support Generational Change
Aminta Steinbach, Director of Equity and Inclusion; Sangita Kumar, Principal, and Founder, Be the Change Consulting, Oakland, CA

Our youth development field is full of passionate staff who need structured opportunities to learn and grow.  Most organizations provide job clarity and on the job training. To take your staff to the next level requires tailoring how you offer feedback and support to the generational needs of the workforce.  As technology shifts how we communicate, this workshop will help supervisors grapple with what can be communicated through text, email, etcetera to develop the natural talents of their team, serve as inspiration when the going gets tough, and set high expectations for those around them to achieve transformational results for youth.
ULA, PK, E, M, H, HE

Thursday, April 30


Level Up: Creating a Youth Development Movement
Sherrice Dorsey-Smith, Program and Planning Manager, Department of Children, Youth and Their Families, City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA Shawn Ginwright, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Flourish Agenda Inc., Oakland, CA Sangita Kumar, Principal and Founder, Be the Change Consulting, Oakland, CA

Over the past five years the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), San Francisco State University, Be the Change Consulting, and a consortium of capacity builders, and have engaged in a rigorous process to integrate a standards-based framework into capacity building offerings to establish a DCYF University. Through this approach to professionalize and expand the Youth Development Field, practitioners are able to receive accreditation in a youth development specialization and offer practitioners and organizations alike a way to level up their capacity and ability to attract funding
ULA, PK, E, M, H, HE


Level Up: Social Emotional Learning
Fong Marcolongo, Director of Training and Capacity Building; Aminta Steinbach, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Be the Change Consulting, Oakland, CA

Relationships are a critical building block for all learning. Without strong relationships, young people struggle to gain safety and security to raise their hands, share an idea, take a risk, or try something new. At the same time, conflict is a natural part of life, and regardless of our best efforts to create a safe and caring community where youth know each other’s names, know what the rules are and are motivated to follow them, we know conflicts will still occur!  In this session, we will level up our skills to create emotional safety in youth spaces.  Equipping young people with the mindset, tools, and skills to navigate conflict is an important part of social-emotional development. We can empower young people to practice self-management and self-awareness, build social awareness and relationship skills, and finally make responsible decisions to resolve their own conflicts. As young people build the skills to stay in the “right relationship,” conflict can become constructive rather than destructive.  The curriculum paired with this training will enable staff to create a Communication Zone in their classroom, based on CASEL’s Social Emotional Learning framework, a research-validated process for building intentional communities.
MLA, DS, PK, E, M, H, HE


Level Up: Working with Consultants to Boost Your Capacity, Strategies to Build Sustainable Infrastructure and Systems 
Fong Marcolongo, Director of Training and Capacity Building; Sangita Kumar, Principal, and Founder, Be the Change Consulting, Oakland, CA; Mele Lau-Smith, Executive Director, Student, Family, Community Support Division, San Francisco Unified School District, San Francisco, CA

Have you ever brought in an outside consultant to spearhead a new initiative, then when it was ready to pass the torch from consultant to staff found a ton of holes in the process? For leaders who leverage the specialized skill-sets of consultants, in this session, we will share how the San Francisco Unified School District partnered with Be the Change Consulting to develop a tailored program assessment and improvement process. We will share how we co-created a model, tested & refined, and finally transferred the project management and execution back to staff. Hear from SFUSD’s newly appointed Chief of Student, Family, Community Support Division Mele Lau, Be the Change Consulting Founder Sangita Kumar, and Be the Change Consulting Program Director Fong Marcolongo.

Friday, May 1


Level Up: Cultural Competency
Sangita Kumar, Principal, and Founder; Aminta Steinbach, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Be the Change Consulting, Oakland, CA

The culture of our programs – how we talk to one another, the way we make people feel, our approach to feedback or difficult moments – sends a message to staff and youth about how power is held. In this workshop, participants will level up their assessment of program culture. We will explore 14 organizational practices that are steeped in dominant culture ideals such as the right to comfort, fear of open conflict or paternalism. These beliefs pervade most of our organizations through our practices. In this session, we will define each of these terms, and engage in an assessment of where your organization is strong and identify opportunities to grow. We will pinpoint moments that perpetuate exclusion and oppression and practice alternative ways of getting work done while preserving relationships, rigor, and effectiveness.
MLA, DS, PK, E, M, H, HE

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