BOOST Conference Highlights

Highlights from the 2019 BOOST Conference including the conference brochure, survey, workshop evaluations, and workshop materials for download. 

2019 Conference Brochure

See what was offered at the 2019 BOOST Conference in Palm Springs, CA! Click the brochure below to download.

2019 brochure

2019 Conference Workshop Evaluations

2019 workshop evaluations

2019 Workshop Materials

#iAmImpact Restorative Practice Healing Circles
Nathan Houston, Founder; Nathaniel Wilson, Consensus Facilitator, #iAmImpact, Sacramento, CA

85/15: Direct Service to Pupils
Kelly Faustino, Education Programs Consultant; Josh Brady, Administrator, California Department of Education, Sacramento, CA; Dr. Michelle Perrenoud, Project Coordinator, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Downey, CA

A Small Step to Giant Leaps: "Moonshot" Your Afterschool/Summer Program with NASA Activities
Leslie Lowes, Informal Education Specialist, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

ACTION! Team Games and Activities
Jordan Stolp, Territory Sales Manager, Gopher Sport, Owatonna, MN

Active Kids = Active Minds. Get Kids Moving & Learning During Out of School Time
Heather Chase, BOKS Outreach & Training Associate; Christene Lyons, Director of Operations, BOKS, Natick, MA

Activities You Should Know!
Phil Brown, Lead Trainer, High 5 Adventure Learning Center, Brattleboro, VT

Authentic Leadership through Organizational Change - How to Build Capacity through Mentoring
Gillian Vickers, Operations Manager, Big Fat Smile, Corrimal, NSW, Australia

Best Practices: Family Engagement
Moderator: Stanley Anjan, Director of Family and Community Engagement, Partnership for LA Schools/LAUSD, Los Angeles, CA
Panelists: Lilia Mitre, Director of Parent Partnerships, Equitas Academy, Los Angeles, CA; Justine Gonzalez, Human Rights Advocate, Los Angeles, CA

Better Together: The Power of Successful Partnerships in Supporting Creative Youth Development (CYD) Outcomes for Youth
Matt D’Arrigo, Director, Creative Youth Development, The Clare Rose Foundation, San Diego, CA; John Gabriel, Director of Education, San Diego Opera, San Diego, CA; Macedonio Arteaga, Founder, Izcalli, San Diego, CA; James Halliday, Executive Director, A Reason To Survive (ARTS), National City, CA

Beyond Race and Gender:  Exploring the Many Dimensions of Diversity
Jawanza Barial-Lumumba, Manager of Global Strategies and Services; Jessica Rojas, Manager of Diversity and Inclusion, YMCA of the USA, Chicago, IL

Building Partnerships in Support of Where, When, & How Learning Happens
Jeff Davis, Executive Director, California AfterSchool Network, Sacramento, CA; Priscilla M. Little, Senior Consultant, The Forum for Youth Investment, Washington, D.C.; Deborah Moroney, Managing Director, American Institutes for Research, Chicago, IL; Dan Gilbert, Senior Project Manager, SEL Specialist, The Afterschool Alliance, Washington, D.C.

Building the Capacity of After School Site Coordinators through Communities of Practice
Paige Bellanca, Associate Program Specialist, California AfterSchool Network, Sacramento, CA

Building the Dream One Step at a Time: Crafting a Plan for Ensured Student Success
Dr. Brian McDaniel, 2018 California Teacher of the Year & 2019 Global Teacher Prize Finalist, Palm Springs Unified School District, California Department of Education, Palm Springs, CA

Coaching with Head and Heart
Selena Levy, Director of Training; Ayala Goldstein, Community Partnerships Manager, California School-Age Consortium, Berkeley, CA

Continuous Quality Improvement Guidebook - An Evolved Way of Thinking About Improvement
Tiffany Gipson, Program Director, California AfterSchool Network, Sacramento, CA; Jessica MantaMeyer, Managing Director, Public Profit, Oakland, CA

Creating a Culture Where TEAM is One - Welcome Home!
Rafael Acosta, Regional Director; Darlene Ku, Area Program Supervisor; Jackie Perez, Area Program Supervisor, Beyond the Bell, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA

Creating Future Community Leaders through Interpersonal Dialogue with Middle & High School Students
Iyari Arteaga, Middle School Specialist; Andrew Buitron, Elementary School Specialist, Barrio Logan College Institute, San Diego, CA

Creative Youth Development Outcomes: Measuring Impact on Social-Emotional Development and Creative Potential
Julie Kendig, Founder, RISE Research, San Diego, CA; Rachelle Archer, Social Emotional Learning Coach/Expressive Arts Specialist, Monarch School, San Diego, CA

Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders: Empowering Youth to Become Advocates for Healthy Choices
Francisca Gamez, Administrator; Jesse Oliveros, Program Coordinator; Jessel Hernandez, Area Program Supervisor, Beyond the Bell, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA

Cyberland Escape Room
Shawn C. Petty, Director of Training, Westat, San Antonio, TX

Dimensions of Gender: Creating Space for All Youth
Jenna Hackman, Manager of Online Programming, Gender Spectrum, San Leandro, CA

Economic Opportunity for Youth: CYD Leadership in Creative Career Pathways and Workforce Development
Christina Turner, Director of Education, New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA

Empowering our Students with Voice, Choice, and Healthy Relationships
Maria C. Castilleja, Sanford Harmony Trainer, Sanford Programs at National University, La Jolla, CA; Zachary Wilson, Director of Staff Development, LA’s BEST Afterschool Enrichment Program, Los Angeles, CA

Empty Room Activities with KEVA Planks - Engage Every Student
Dr. Ken Scheel, CEO/Founder, KEVA Planks, Elkton, VA

Engaging Activities for Youth
Gabriela B. Delgado, President, Saving Our Starfish, Chula Vista, CA

Expanding Student Success: The State of Expanded Learning in California
Michael Funk, Director, Expanded Learning Division, California Department of Education, Sacramento, CA

Exploring Your Strengths through a Creative Identity Lens
Cedrice Ce, Musician, Art, and Creative, San Diego, CA; Kendrick Dial, Counselor, Trainer, Artist, San Diego, CA

Faster Invoicing, Accurate Reporting, and Modern Day Registration: The Eleyo Way
Robin Mattaini, Leadership Team; Joe Hickey, Leadership Team, Eleyo, Saint Paul Park, MN

Fired Up About Fitness! Simple, Creative, and FUN Ideas to Ignite Your Program
Sandy Slade, President & CEO, Skillastics, Corona, CA

FISH! For Schools
Steve Mintz, Facilitator, Freelance Writer, Editor and Author, Minnetonka, MN

Flawed Leader - Finding Balance
Dr. Annemarie Grassi, President and CEO, Open Doors Academy, Cleveland, OH

Fulfill the Dream (SEL Certification course)
Roberto Rivera, Chief Empowerment Officer, 7 Mindsets, Chicago, IL

Game to Learn
David Tuero, Regional Director; Claudia Silva, Traveling Program Supervisor; Amy Capra, Traveling Program Supervisor, Beyond the Bell, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA

Generation Deviation: The Transformative Power of Being Socially Responsible by Empowering Your Community Flashlight
Elvy Pacheco, Regional Director; Majanaye Anderson, Area Program Supervisor; Katherine Lucero, Area Program Supervisor, Beyond the Bell, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA

Geniventure: Fusing Dragons, Genetics, and Hands-On Science Learning
Dr. Frieda Reichsman, Senior Research Scientist, The Concord Consortium, Concord, MA

Growing Great Staff: Creating a Culture of Commitment
Mike Ashcraft, Founder & CEO; Chelsea Ashcraft, Founder & CEO, Children’s Choice, Albuquerque, NM

Hands-On Strategies for Supporting Social Emotional Learning through Nature-Based Programs
Dr. Kathleen O’Connor, Research and Evaluation Coordinator, NatureBridge, San Francisco, CA; Katherine Hagner, Director of Evaluation Strategy, The Student Conservation Association, Seattle, WA; Arthur Pearson, Director, Outward Bound Professional Learning Lab, Boston, MA


Hidden Rules of Class
Jacquie Estee, Adjunct Instructor, University of Nebraska Omaha, Omaha, NE

Holden On
Moderator: Lilia Mitre, Director of Parent Partnerships, Equitas Academy Charter Schools, Los Angeles, CA

How to Develop a Storytelling Culture That Matters
Richard Reyes, Executive Director, PLUS ME Project, Los Angeles, CA

How to Use the BOOST Breakfast Club Blog to BOOST Your Professional Development
Julia Gabor, Breakfast Club Blog Executive Chef, BOOST Collaborative, Redondo Beach, CA; Tiana Brown, Assistant Director, Norwalk Housing Authority, Norwalk, CT; Daniel Hatcher, Director, Community Partnerships, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Washington, D.C.; Erika Petrelli, Senior Vice President of Leadership Development, The Leadership Program, Carmel, IN; ElizaBeth Phillips, Vice President of Education, Child Development Centers, Sacramento, CA

Human Rights Education for High School Students: A Peer-Led Approach
Ashley Steimer-King, Director, Girls Learn International, Feminist Majority Foundation, Beverly Hills, CA

Human Trafficking and Out of School Hours
Dr. Sandra Morgan, Director, Global Center for Women & Justice, Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, CA

Infusing Activity Into Your Program - Lessons Learned from Alberta, Canada
Louise McClelland, Provincial Projects Coordinator, Ever Active Schools, Calgary, Alberta

Innovative Practices in Workforce Development
Moderator: Aleah Rosario, Senior Specialist, Foundation for California Community Colleges, Sacramento, California
Panelists: Bill Fennessy, Director of Community Partnerships and Work-Based Learning, Think Together, Santa Ana, CA; Sonia Toledo, President & CEO, Dignity of Children, New York, NY; Sterling E. Williams, Educational Consultant, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Los Angeles, CA; Rico Peralta, Director of Professional Development, California Teaching Fellows Foundation, Fresno, CA

Interested in Grant Funding? Start Here! (Parts 1 & 2)
Marti Hess, Lead Consultant; Janeal Ford, President, Fordable Fundraising, San Diego, CA

Involving the Whole Community to Take Action in Supporting Youth
Thorhildur Rafns Jonsdottir, Youth Center Department Manager; Hildur Thora Sigurdardottir, Director, Throttheimar Youth Club, Municipality of Reykjavik, Reykjavik, Iceland

Learn Your Rights in the Community: How to Safely Exercise Your Rights When Dealing with Police
Ian P. Farrell, Assistant Professor; Hanna Seigel Proff, Criminal Defense Attorney, Agency President; LYRIC (Learn Your Rights in Colorado), Denver, CO

Let's Face It…Educators Are Stressed Out. Yoga and Mindfulness for Educators
Shawnee Thornton Hardy, Founder/Director, Asanas for Autism and Special Needs, San Diego, CA

Like Any Other Kid
Moderator: Deborah La Touche, Deputy District Attorney, Office of the District Attorney, San Diego County, Juvenile Branch, San Diego, CA

May the Force Be With You
Carlos Garcia, Regional Director; Jessica De Arcos, Area Program Supervisor; Raul Ocegueda, Area Program Supervisor, Beyond the Bell, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA

Meditation for Managing Stress - Learn to Lead Meditation
Jeffrey Zlotnik, Founder & Executive Director, The Meditation Initiative, San Diego, CA

Mental Health First Aid (Certification course)
Jennifer L. Magnabosco, Ph.D., ACC, Adjunct Faculty Member, School of Social Work, University of Southern California, Dana Point, CA

Music, Movement, Play, and Rhythm: Group-Rhythm Events for In School and After School
Mike Liston, Founder, CEO; Nels Anderson, Co-Founder, DrumBus, Salt Lake City, UT

NORMAL ISN’T REAL: Succeeding with Learning Disabilities & ADHD
Moderator: Krys Kornmeier, Director/Producer, 4-D Productions, Inc., Washington, D.C.

Of the Field, for the Field: Creating the Statewide Site Coordinator Network
Troy Selvey, Program Specialist, California AfterSchool Network, Sacramento, CA

Oh, the Math That They'll Know!
Jane Felling, Consultant, Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks, Edmonton, Alberta

Partnering with Youth to Address Hunger
Daniel W. Hatcher, Director of Community Partnerships, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Washington, D.C.; Carolyn Wait, Senior Program Manager, Share Our Strength, Washington, D.C.

PBIS in Expanded Learning Programs
Fred Jones, Expanded Learning Consultant, Afterschool Guru, Los Angeles, CA; Danielle Jones, Regional Lead for the Region 6 Afterschool/Expanded Learning Partnership, Stanislaus County Office of Education, Modesto, CA

Power of Play: Afterschool Programming for Positive Development
Chelsea Ashcraft, Founder & CEO; Mike Ashcraft, Founder & CEO, Children’s Choice, Albuquerque, NM

Previewing a New Expanded Learning Program Quality Assessment Tool
Tiffany Gipson, Program Director, California AfterSchool Network, Sacramento, CA; Corey Newhouse, MPP, Founder and Principal, Public Profit, Oakland, CA

Promising Practices to Support Homeless and Foster Youth
Moderator: Kara Allen Soldati, MSW, Ed.D, CEO, UMOJA, Chicago, IL
Panelists: Dee Hankins, Inspirational Speaker, Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Ramiro Montiel, Digital Media + Growth Marketing, HBO, New York, NY; Rita Naranjo, Youth Advocate, Oceanside, CA

Promising Practices: Partnerships & Sustainability
Moderator: Megan Dow, Youth Program Manager, Goodman Community Center, Madison, WI

Promising Practices: Youth Voice & Leadership
Moderator: Amy Smith, Chief Giving Officer, TOMS, Los Angeles, CA
Panelists: David Hogg, Co-Founder; Matt Deitsch, Co-Founder, March for Our Lives, Parkland, FL; Rachel Iribe, CoDirector, March for Our Lives, Irvine, CA

Promoting Safety, Inclusion, and Well-Being for LGBTQ+ Youth
Dr. Vincent Pompei, Director, Youth Well-Being Project, Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Quality Through an Equity Lens
Tiffany Gipson, Program Director, California AfterSchool Network, Sacramento, CA; Diego Arancibia, Director, ASAPConnect, San Jose, CA

Race, Equity, and Leadership
Steve Gering, Leadership Development Coach, Gering Consulting LLC, Kansas City, MO

Suzy Haislip, Territory Manager, STEM Program Specialist; Ben Moore, Territory Manager, STEM Program Specialist, PCS Edventures, Boise, ID

Real Talk: Developing Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking Capacity
Sonia Toledo, President & CEO; Tinnycua Williams, Master Trainer, Dignity of Children, New York, NY

Renew, Re-Energize, Re-Engage
Dr. Bertice Berry, Founder, Dr. Bertice Berry Productions, Savannah, GA

Resilience Can Be Taught! 10 Tools to Motivate ANY Student
Christian Moore, Founder, WhyTry Organization, Provo, UT

Resilience Is Everything
Dee Hankins, Inspirational Speaker, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Resilient Workplaces
Dr. Erin Browder, Consultant, Erin Browder LLC, Los Angeles, CA

Rise of the Creative Youth Development Movement: Connecting with National, State, and Local Leaders
Heather Ikemire, Ph.D., Chief Program Officer, National Guild for Community Arts Education, New York, NY; Matt D’Arrigo, Director of Creative Youth Development, The Clare Rose Foundation, San Diego, CA

Sandy Hook Promise: Know the Signs
Paula Fynboh, Vice President of Field Operations, Sandy Hook Promise, Newtown, CT

Save Afterschool - Advocacy Strategies for All
Jodi Grant, Executive Director; Alexis Steines, Director of Field Outreach; Nikki Yamashiro, Director of Research, Afterschool Alliance, Washington, D.C.; Eric Gurna, President & CEO; Laura Beebe, Director of Public Partnerships, LA’s Best, Los Angeles, CA

School Sucks. After School Shouldn't.
Jonathan Mooney, Author, Entrepreneur, Activist, Santa Monica, CA

Skill Development Beyond the Bell
Fausto A. Lopez, Senior TA Specialist; Femi Vance, Researcher, American Institutes for Research, Chicago, IL

Social Capital and Social Justice through Positive Youth Development
Dr. Nia Imani Fields, University of Maryland 4-H Youth Development Specialist, University of Maryland Extension- 4-H Youth Development, College Park, MD

Source to Socket: Teaching the FUNdamentals of Energy Literacy
Larissa Johnson, Residential Energy Program Manager, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, Rockville, MD

Standing in the Shoes of Others: Activities to BOOST Empathy and SEL Outcomes
Justin McGlamery, Founder, Chief Locus Focuser, Focus Your Locus Teambuilding Training & Development, LLC, Hartford, CT

Storytelling for Impact
Nick Szuberla, Executive Director, Working Narratives, Wilmington, NC

Supporting Continuous Quality Improvement Through an Online Quality Assessment System
Tiffany Gipson, Program Director; Troy Selvey, Program Specialist, California AfterSchool Network, Sacramento, CA

Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Youth
Kathie Moehlig, Executive Director; Al Johnson, Community Engagement Coordinator, TransFamily Support Services, San Diego, CA

TGIF! Thank Goodness Math Games Make It Fun for Grades 4-7
John Felling, Consultant, Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks, Edmonton, Alberta

The Active Assailant: Planning for the Unthinkable
Wayne Sakamoto, Executive Director, California School Resource Officers’ Association, Temecula, CA

The Election Effect
Moderators: Jodi Grant, Executive Director; Alexis Steines, Director of Field Outreach, Afterschool Alliance, Washington, D.C.

The Future of Healing - Toward Healing Centered Engagement
Shawn Ginwright, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Flourish Agenda Inc., Oakland, CA and Associate Professor of Education and African American Studies, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
Watch: Dr. Shawn Ginwright's Keynote Address at the 2019 BOOST Conference

The Growing Season
Moderator: ElizaBeth Parker Phillips, Vice President of Education, Child Development Centers, Sacramento, CA

The History of Afterschool in America Documentary
Stacey Daraio, Co-Director, Temescal Associates, San Francisco, CA

The Leaders Tomorrow Needs: Bridging the Gap on Civic Engagement and SEL
Dan Gilbert, Project Manager; Nikki Yamashiro, Director of Research, Afterschool Alliance, Washington, D.C.; Mario Fedelin, Founder and Executive Director, Big Citizen HUB, Los Angeles, CA; Katherine Hagner, Director of Evaluation Strategy, The Student Conservation Association, Seattle, WA

The School in the Cloud
Moderator: Richard Reyes, Executive Director, PLUS ME Project, Los Angeles, CA

The State of Black Students: Examining the Academic and Health Outcomes of Black Youth in California
Earl Edwards, Researcher, UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools, Los Angeles, CA

Towards a More Just Society: Creative Youth Development’s Leadership in Social Justice and Civic Engagement
Ashley Hare, Co-founder; Gizela Hernandez, Student, RE:FRAME Youth Arts Center, Phoenix, AZ; Dairrick Khalil Hodges, Founder, The SOULcial Workers, San Diego, CA

Transitioning Youth from the Juvenile Justice System Back to Their Community
Tapau Osborne, Sr. Program Specialist - Transition/Aftercare; Randy Dunn, Transition Counselor; Julie Hilbert, Academic Counselor, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Downey, CA

Trauma Informed Training for Youth Development Programs
Chris Rutgers, Executive Director, Transforming Youth Outdoors, Bainbridge Island, WA

Trauma-Resilient Expanded Learning: A Vision for Transformational Change
Eric Gurna, President & CEO; Debe Loxton, Chief Operating Officer; Rebecca Turner, Director of Site Operations, LA’s BEST, Los Angeles, CA; Joel Cisneros, Director of School Mental Health, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA

Triple Threat Design Camp
Jeffrey Miller, National Director of Curriculum and Training; Kristin Stayer, Lead Content Developer; Carlos Santini, Executive Vice President of Programs, Michael Berry, Manager, Talent & Recruitment, After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles, CA; Melissa Beech, Program Director (Achievement First Brownsville), After-School All-Stars, New York, NY

VSHAPE - An Australian Framework Providing SAFETY Guidelines for All Leaders
Liz Weir, Organization Development Manager, Camp Australia, Melbourne, Australia

Vulnerability and Storytelling: The Art of Building Community
Anna Cechony, Research & Accessibility Strategist, foundry10, Seattle, WA; Rose Edwards, Co-Executive Director; Safiyyah Al-Amin, Student, Young Women Empowered, Spokane, WA; Esmerelda Reyez, Student, West Preparatory Academy, Las Vegas, NV

Way Beyond Icebreakers: Innovative and Interactive Tools to Powerfully Engage Young People!
Eric Rowles, CEO, Leading To Change, Huntersville, NC

Welcome Home: Practices to Support Families Resettling in America
Moderator: Ghulam Kehar, Regional Director - West, Islamic Relief USA, Los Angeles, CA
Panelists: Xilonin Cruz-Gonzalez, Director, Support for Immigrant and Refugee Students, Californians Together, Long Beach, CA; Nicholas Sandoval, CEO, Create Purpose, Tijuana, Mexico; Miry Whitehill, Founder, Miry’s List, Los Angeles, CA

What Do Pirates and Superheroes Have in Common? Igniting Creativity in Writers
Anna Griffin, 826 Digital Manager, 826 National, San Francisco, CA

You Gotta Laugh! Benefits for Students and Staff!
Clint Darr, Afterschool Educator, Missouri Afterschool Network, Fulton, MO

You Matter: A Curriculum for Real Impact
Kristin Lorey, Director of Education; Matthew Emerzian, Founder & CEO, Every Monday Matters, Burbank, CA

You Miss Every Shot You Don’t Take: Sports-Based Youth Development
Ricardo Castro, LAUSD Center Attendant; Betty Lopez, Area Program Supervisor; Ronald Menendez, Program Coordinator, Beyond the Bell, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA

Youth Development (Elementary Focus) - Partnering with Parents: Sharing Expertise and Goals to Create a Strong Child-Centered Team
Deborah Gilboa, MD, aka “Dr. G.”, Parenting & Youth Development Expert and Author, Pittsburg, PA

Youth Development (Older Youth Focus) - Talking to Students About Difficult Topics Without Losing Your Job
Deborah Gilboa, MD, aka “Dr. G.”, Parenting & Youth Development Expert and Author, Pittsburg, PA

Youth-Centered Program Design: Ensuring Youth Voice, Engagement, and Impact
Nicole Amri, Program Director; Jon Hinojosa, Artistic | Executive Director, Say Si, San Antonio, TX; Peter Rogovin: Project Director, The Wallace Foundation and Managing Director, Next Level SMG, Pleasantville, NY; Lee Shepard, Senior Director, Youth Development, Strategy Execution, Boys & Girls Club Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

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